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Jello Lipstain Recipe


Does anybody remember a recipe for lip stain made from Jello?

I read about it in a magazine somewhere and can't find the recipe.

I even emailed the Jello website, but haven't heard back from them.


smoochie from Houston, TX



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By (Guest Post) 09/08/2007 Flag

Yes. I saw that tip too. All you do is dip your finger in the jello & apply it to your lips & they will stain - it said cherry for red lips & watermelon for pink - I haven't tried it, but I thought it sounded interesting too.

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By karen 1 09/09/2007 Flag

I've seen that recipe before, too! I'm pretty sure that you melt vaseline and add the jello powder to get right color/consistency. You can store it in little pill dispensers or paint pots.

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By HAIRSTYLIST FROM COLUMBUS (Guest Post) 09/12/2007 Flag

Hello I read something just this month. They said the models use a lightly dampened q tip with water into not jello but kool aid. Strawberry was the most used. They said it strains the lips for an all day event without losing any color.

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By (Guest Post) 09/15/2007 Flag

This tip was in a recent "first" magazine. Wet the end of a q-tip with water and dip lightly in jello and apply to lips(the magazine stated strawberry-but I am sure you could use cherry for darker stain, peach for lighter stain, ect.). I use this and apply a light gloss.

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By jenn 2 09/21/2007 Flag

I tried it, and was pretty disappointed. I got a little better result when I mixed enough water in with the jello to make a paste, but it barely changed the color at all. I even got the black cherry kind (which is dark!) to try it with. Maybe koolaid works better?

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By guest (Guest Post) 09/29/2007 Flag

Try gel food color in a small plastic bottle from a candy-making or baking area of a cooking store. (I have found that Jello and KoolAid lip stains were too acidic for my skin.) There are many colors (light pink to maroon) to choose from, the color lasts a long time, and the bottles snap shut tightly. To apply wet your lips and dip a Qtip into the bottle.

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