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Transplanting a Butterfly Weed Plant

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How do you transplant a butterfly weed plant? I would like to transplant one that is overgrown to a new area. Is it possible? These are plants that have orange flowers in the summer.

Hardiness Zone: 5a

By Linda from Brighton, MI


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By Linda Delcamp [45]06/27/2010

How do you start cuttings from the plant and what time of year?

Linda Zone 5-a

By susan [33]06/25/2010

If you are talking about butterfly weed and not butterfly bushes then this plant produces a very deep taproot making transplanting difficult once established. Try some cuttings that should do it. Good luck:)

By Myrna [14]06/23/2010

There are new shoots that come up each spring; transplant those to a new area keeping enough soil around the root system so it takes off well. I attempted to transplant a large overgrown butterfly bush and it died...ended up getting another plant. The root system of older bush is deep and spreading; it wasn't easy for me to remove and lots of roots broke free from the plant. If you decide to try removing the older bush, make sure you have lots of dirt surrounding the roots when lifted from its original location.

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