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Kittens Born in Insulation

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i have baby kittens in the insulation of my trailer, I dont know how to get them out. I tried to catch the mother cat but every time I try to see where she is feeding the kittens she gets up. Anyone have any advice?



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By Holly V.12/12/2014

I'm so glad I found this post! My poor cat I didn't even know was pregnant! She is indoor cat and never showed signs of pregnancy ( I found her as a kitten on the side of the road)
So I'm not sure her exact age but last night I woke to the sound of a kitten screaming from the basement/crawl space under the house. I got 1 kitten which I found in insulation. However now I'm not sure if there are more kittens etc. I don't think she had a big litter because she didn't look pregnant and it's her first litter plus not all of her teets are swollen. I'm scared I won't find them all or that they are already passed as they are only about 10-14 days old based on characteristics I've read online.

Does anyone have suggestions? I've ripped out 1 return air vent to the kitten out and I've also went into the basement trying to look. But it's winter in PA so it's cold and mommy hasn't been in the basement in days she has been being a good mom to the kitten I found. Please help!

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]09/30/2012

This situation would not exist if the female feline had been desexed.

By roses03/13/2009

Oh dear that insulation might just get into their lungs. If you can catch the mom she will cry out and the babies will follow her voice that is how I got 3 kittens out of my garage sophet when the stray mommy delivered up there last February. Now I have all four inside and I love them. But I tell you that insulation is hazardous for us to breathe into our lungs. If you can't trap the mommy then I would try luring them out with stinky sardines in a can. My kittens used to come out from behind the stove using that trick.... then i only gave them a few bites since their little digestive systems are so delicate. Be blessed with your kitties and thank you for providing for God's creatures. Remember, they were here first and put her for our enjoyment. Treasure them. Love to all of you in this thriftyfun family <><

By Brittanydawn (Guest Post)04/05/2008

My cat just had her kittens in a pile of insulation and I am just wondering if it will harm the kittens? Does it have the same effects on animals as if does humans? Brittany

By Jessi (Guest Post)06/18/2005

My aunt's cat once had kittens in the insulation under her trailer. Somehow, I got recruited to get them out. I crawled under the trailer and followed the sound of their cries. Once I got under there and started moving around, they cried like crazy. They must have heard me and thought it was their mom coming. If they are in the insulation under your trailer and you don't want to crawl under there to get them, they will probably be okay until they can come out on their own, but your insulation will probably suffer. Also, the mom might move them. When I was a kid, the morning after my cat had kittens, she moved hers. She put them under the covers of my bed with me while I was asleep. One last thing, if she isn't your cat(or even if she is) and you have a hard time finding homes for them, instead of calling Animal Control check pet stores in your area. Some will take kittens or puppies, give them thier shots and sell them to cover the cost. If they can't find homes for any of them, they will call you rather than have them put to sleep. We did this when a stray dog decided to have her puppies(13) under our house.

By Debbie (Guest Post)06/14/2005

I would call the fire department. Believe me, they have handled all kinds of pet rescues. I think it eventually may get too hot inside the insulation.

By Carol06/01/2005

After a short period of time after birth a mother cat always moves her kittens. I grew up on a farm and know this for a fact! Maybe if you go to the spot where they are the mother cat will get fed up enough and move them to another safer location for the health of her kittens. Take care!

By Barb [1]05/30/2005

Do you know what part of the trailer they are at? I think they should be ok as long as the mother cat is with them. Eventually they will end up following her out from the insulation. Let me know where they are. You might be able to take the siding of the trailer of in order to get them out.

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