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We recently moved into a new apartment and realized that our Queen size boxspring would not fit up the stairs into our bedroom. Our last bed frame broke, so we had just been using the boxspring and mattress on the floor. Now we just have the mattress on the floor and I really want to find some sort of bed frame. Can anyone give me some ideas of how to make a bedframe? Anything will do so long as the mattress is off the floor. I don't have a lot of money right now so am looking for an inexpensive idea.

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By Katie A. (Guest Post) 07/16/2005

My parents have put together something that would work perfectly for you. They made a bed platform using sheets of 3/8" or 1/2" plywood (not sure which). They measured the queen mattress, then cut two sheets of plywood to the same size. One sheet is not big enough, so they put two pieces side by side (I don't mean to put two sheets on top of each other). They rounded the corners and put hand holes to make it easier to handle and to avoid shin bruises.

To support the platform they made three upright crosspieces the width of the bed and two upright pieces the length of the bed. They slotted the pieces so they would fit together and stand up by themselves. (Like cheap pressboard bookshelves that slide together with no nails or glue).

Then they just put the two platform pieces side by side on top of the base and put the mattress on top. They have moved it at least three times and it is really easy because the pieces just slide back apart and stack to go into the moving van.

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By Michele (Guest Post) 07/16/2005

You can go to a furniture store that sells mattresses and box springs and buy a metal frame. They are pretty cheap. We paid less than $35 for ours.

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By Donna (Guest Post) 07/17/2005

You can go to a mattress store and purchase a metal bed frame that will hold your box spring and mattress for about $23-35. These come in two or three pieces depending on the type. As for a headboard, you could purchase a sheet of plywood and cover will batting. Over that make a cover out of the material of your choic(vinyl, leather, fabric). This could then be attatched to the metal frame. Hope this helps.

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By Marti (Guest Post) 07/17/2005

You could join Freecycle.org and ask for a bed frame and a two piece box spring. Freecycle is a group that recycles things people don't want anymore. You can find a local group in your area. Everything is FREE.

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By pm omoth 2 52 07/17/2005

My husband and I were recently shopping for a new bed. And all the mattress stores were featuring wooden platforms in place of a box springs for the mattress to sit on.

No need to spend money on box springs that are going out of style anyway. Even if you wanted to.

So one suggestion would be to search yardsales, etc for a queen size waterbed frame. Double plus will be the drawers in the bottom.

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By Justina (Guest Post) 07/17/2005

Thanks so much for all your ideas, I'll be sure to check some of them out!

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By Annette (Guest Post) 07/24/2005

In desparation you could cover cement blocks with material to protect floors and support the box spring and mattress. we have done this in past.

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By Grant (Guest Post) 08/21/2006

I made a really nice strong bed frame using old 2x4's. I could put bins underneath, and I used some foam to padd the edges of the bed, and fabric to hide the foam and under the bed. It looked really good, and you can not buy such a strong bed.

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By Natalie (Guest Post) 01/20/2008

Ikea has a Queen size bedframe by DALSELV for $99.99 It's easy to transport and put together. The wood is unfinished and you can paint it any way you like. I have this bed and love it. Here's the link:

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By Andrea (Guest Post) 02/03/2008

My dad assembled a bed for my sister when she visited their cottage one summer. He bought a large sheet of plywood and cut up a few 2x8s. The sheet was supported by the 2x8s. He created pillars out of the 2x8s by cutting notches halfway into their centres, enabling him to interlock them like X's, creating an 8 inch platform. The mattress just sits on top. Easy to transport: just take apart the X's and stack them. You could even use two plywood sheets instead of one so the bed can easily be moved.

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By Victoria (Guest Post) 03/20/2008

I saw on instructables.com that someone had solved this problem with bankers boxes, and you get free storage too.

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