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George Foreman Grill Recipes


I want to find recipes for the George Foreman grill.

By wwendylee from Lakewood, CA


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By Jess 130 769 06/09/2009 Flag

I don't have any specific recipes but you can use any of your favorite grill recipes in the George Foreman. It is great for making hamburgers, chicken, grilled veggies, even panini type sandwiches. I liked to use it to cook bacon because the grease just runs off.

I eventually sold mine at a garage sale because I found it was difficult to clean and I wanted to get something that was more versatile, with removable or changable plates.

It looks like there were some suggestions archived on this page, so I would scroll down and read through the archives below. Good luck!

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: George Foreman Grill Recipes

Someone recently gave me a small 'George Forman' grilling machine but I can't find a site that has recipes for it. Short of trying to order a cook book for it does anyone have any suggestions?

Clint from Fort Pierce, FL


RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes
This is the address of a group that trades info and recipes about the George Foreman Grill. (10/18/2006)

By dse77

RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes

You don't really need a recipe book. Use it to grill any kind of meat that you can fit on there. I cook hamburgers, steaks, chicken, pork chops. When I boil bratwurst I use it to brown them after they are already cooked. It also works if you have marinated your meat and want to grill it. (10/19/2006)

By dpcw

RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes

Many recipes here for the G.F. grille. Care of grille is at: another site:

These sites should help you. JoanDogs (10/19/2006)

By JoanDogs

RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes

I try to stay away from so many fried foods, and the grill helps with that. One of my favorite things to put on my grill is Fish.I have tried different kinds of unbreaded fish fillets...Catfish, fresh salmon, flounder...But, my favorite because it is so easy and quick is Tilapia. It comes frozen in the store, and each fillet is frozen in its own plastic pouch. Just take as many as you need from the package. Leave them in the individual wrappers and place them in a bowl of warm water until thawed. This only takes about 5 minutes. Remove them from the packages and blot them dry with a paper towel. Place them on the preheated grill, drizzle a little olive oil over them, and sprinkle with salt, lemon pepper and dillweed to suit your taste. Grill for 5-7 minutes.They are done when they will flake with a fork. Add a microwave baked potato and a salad for a complete and delicious meal in about 30 minutes.

Harlean from Arkansas (10/19/2006)

By Harlean from Arkansas

RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes

Any boneless meats are great grilled in the electric grills. Bones in the meat keeps the grill from closing down really well and doesn't grill well due to lack of contact. Found this out the hard way with a package of chicken legs.
I also love grilled cheese sandwiches in my grill. It would do panini too if they aren't too full of fillings. (10/20/2006)

By Carla

RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes

I did a Metacrawler search and found these 3 sites. There were other sites but these seemed to have the best selection;

--- At the top of the page, click on the banner - George Forman Grill Recipes for a list of recipes --

scroll down for the list of recipes (10/20/2006)

By KayDpa

RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes

Depending on your machine's wattage, you may have to cook longer than indicated in recipes. Don't be surprised if it takes double the time if you have a low wattage machine. Although I don't know what is considered low, take a look at the wattage from other machines in the store, from less expensive to more expensive, to determine this fact. (10/20/2006)

By cookwie

RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes

I love doing bacon on it. (10/20/2006)

By sue

RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes (02/21/2008)


Archive: George Foreman Grill Recipes

I just received the smaller George Foreman contact roaster from a yard sale. It has never been used, but does include instructions. I would like some ideas/advice even some recipes from the thrifty community. So please hook me up.

varien2007 from Phoenix


RE: George Foreman Grill Recipes

By far, the best place for recipes is at:
Two recipes sent to your mailbox every day for free. With "healthy" recipes on Friday.

Linda (05/20/2009)

By Linda

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