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How do I remove a picture stuck to the glass on an old frame?

By Mitzy from Kenner, LA


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By Dawn 5 108 07/13/2010

Do not use something abrasive like steel wool or an SOS pad, this can scratch some glass
Buy a flat razor. Spray some water or Windex on the surface and scrape off the sticky residue with the flat razor

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By Sheila 3 162 07/13/2010

If you want to save the photograph, the best thing to do is go to a photo lab and see if it can be done safely.

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By lorraine mcdonald 4 12 07/16/2010

Simply put it in plain warm water and gently use a finger to rub and massage it and it will release itself with no damage. Don't force it. Shake it off and blot dry with clean cloth, no lint type. Lay between two pieces of wax paper and weight it down so it dries flat.

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Question: Picture Stuck in Frame

I have a very old picture that is stuck to this picture frame. I can not make a copy of it and can't risk getting the picture ruined. The picture is too long to fit in the freezer and the blow drier technique doesn't work. What can we do?

By Shannon O.

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By Sandy 6 128 12/01/2011

I took a pic that was stuck to glass to Walgreens. The tech took the frame apart but left the photo adhered to the glass and scanned that. It came out beautifully and there was no risk. I believe if you try to separate them you will ruin the picture. The pic was my daughter and her deceased Grandmother taken when my daughter was a young girl, so it was really important to her. I would try an experienced tech at Walgreens. He did a great job for me.

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Archive: Old Photo Stuck To Glass In Frame

I have an old photo in a picture frame. The picture got stuck to the glass surface and I would like to get it out. Any suggestions?


RE: Old Photo Stuck To Glass In Frame

Try using warm water with Ivory or liquid Joy, soak for at least 1-2 hours and gently separate the photo from the glass. If possible use a flat bed scanner and make a copy of the original. Before putting a photo behind glass make sure it has a protective coating such as protective spay from the hobby or photo shop (07/20/2005)

By Dick M.

RE: Old Photo Stuck To Glass In Frame

If it is irreplaceable take it to a professional photo place. I believe water would damage the photo. I found that my photos stuck because I didn't dry the glass well enough after I cleaned it. (07/21/2005)

By Fran Marie

RE: Old Photo Stuck To Glass In Frame

Try using a product called "Undo". It's used in scrapbooking to remove/reposition stickers. It's photo safe. Just let the photo dry completely after removing. When used on stickers, you can re-use the sticker after it dries. The product comes with a "lifter" to help lift the photo as you apply the product. (07/22/2005)

By Cheryl from Missouri

Archive: Old Photo Stuck To Glass In Frame

I have some old photos in frames and the pictures are stuck to the glass. Is there any way to safely remove the glass without damaging the photo? Please help!

By Antiquefreeque

RE: Old Photo Stuck To Glass In Frame

If you try to pull the picture off, it will be ruined. I had the same problem with a 5x7 picture. I removed the glass with the pic still attached, and had it scanned into my computer at home, then printed out copies from that, and placed the "stuck" original back where it came from. If you don't have a scanner, take it to Walmart, or anywhere there is a public photo center. (04/26/2009)

By fatboyslimsmom

RE: Old Photo Stuck To Glass In Frame

Take your trusty hair dryer to the front of the glass, I found it was slick in removing them from old photo books too! (05/23/2009)

By T & T Grandma

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