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Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator


I have a problem trying to get out dry erase marker off of the side of my fridge. The side of my fridge isn't smooth like the front and I've tried everything I can think of to get it out, like bleach with water, disinfectant sprays, and the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. The marker seems to be stuck in the little grooves! Can anyone help?

Jessica from Eaton, Ohio



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By Amy Singh 3 117 04/23/2008 Flag

Try Windex.

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By LEONA LABINE 46 398 04/23/2008 Flag

Try a product called TSP it is found in hardware stores,
works really well.

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By Bethany (Guest Post) 07/13/2008 Flag

I tried everything to remove pen marks from a ridged refridgerator door... Magic Eraser, Goo Gone, Windex, Clorox wipes, nail polish remover. NOTHING worked until I tried the SOS pads suggested above. It took some heavy duty scrubbing but the marks are finally gone. I can not get them off the toilet seat cover or the bath tub though. Any suggestions?

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By stef (Guest Post) 07/20/2008 Flag

Use bleach or just nail polish remover.

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By L.Kaelor (Guest Post) 08/18/2008 Flag

My fridge is not dimpled, but your regular flat, white surface. My son drew with black dry-erase and it left behind a stain. The ONLY THING that worked was a combination of the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser dipped in Nail polish remover. BE SURE to wipe with damp cloth, and dry afterward or it will leave a residue. Happy Cleaning!

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By Yeah Hoo! (Guest Post) 08/30/2008 Flag

My daughter took a dry erase marker to the fridge also. The fridge is dimpled like an orange peel. I tried EVERYTHING that you all below me said. I tried nail polish remover, toothpaste, bleach, baby wipes, windex, lysol spray, bug spray. I even took the advise of writing back over it and then wiping it off again. Didn't work.

I got so excited that everyone said to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This did not even touch it! Then I found the post about taking the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser dipped in Nail polish remover. This was my last effort! IT WORKED! I don't know what kind of chemicals we mixed ( I was a little worried mixing it) but it took it off with ease and NO DAMAGE! I only wish I had found it first and not last! Thank you to the person who posted the answer on 8/18/08! Thank you, thank you!

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By Jess (Guest Post) 09/30/2008 Flag

Well, I tried the magic eraser with nail polisher remover and it almost worked! It took some off and made it just look faded. But it could be that I left it on there for months forgetting about it! The dry erase mark is on the bottom side that doesn't get seen very often, so now that it's faded you really can't even notice!

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By Betsy (Guest Post) 01/08/2009 Flag

Try Isopropyl alcohol. Spray on leave few minutes. Wipe with dry clean rag.

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By Jess (Guest Post) 01/09/2009 Flag

I'll have to try the alcohol! My son did it again! This time on the front and side of the fridge! This time I got to it right away with the nail polish remover & majic eraser! It came off right away on the bumpy side but just made the smooth front fade! So now I have faded drawing on the front and other side of the fridge from last year's drawing! I hope the alcohol works!

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By filmmaker 1 03/18/2010 Flag

We had a bunch of guys try to keep a list on the fridge only to find out immediately that it didn't come off. Nothing worked, including bleach and rubbing alcohol. Found and tried a method on here suggesting soaking a magic eraser in nail polish remover. Worked immediately. Thanks moms on the internet!

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By Pat 1 04/21/2010 Flag

I had the same problem and tried all the hints I read here and everywhere else. Then I was looking under the sink for something else to try and I finally tried the liquid glass-top stove cleaner. It is a very fine abrasive and it did the trick using it with a paper towel. It got into the texture of the refrigerator and does not seem to have removed the paint.

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By Anonymous Angel 1 06/03/2014 Flag

I used oven cleaner and a steel wool SOS Pad in order to scrub blue dry erase marker off a fridge. Please be careful not to scrub the paint off the fridge as well. Bleach, peroxide, and common household stain removers didn't work.

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

My daughter drew on my brand new refrigerator (inside and out) with a green dry erase marker. I tried everything from nail polish remover to rubbing alcohol. Any suggestions?

Missy from Amarillo


RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

Did you try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? Those things work wonders. (01/27/2006)

By jessiworm

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

I would go to an office supply store and buy some dry erase marker cleaner. It is kind of expensive but that is what it is made for. I would also do this before you try anything else because everything you are using could be setting in the stain rather than taking it away. (01/27/2006)

By Rachel from TN

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

I purchased "Purple Power" from Walmart. It is in the Automotive section. It is a degreaser and works great at removing all kinds of marks, and it is biodegradable too! (01/27/2006)

By Donna from Austin, Texas

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

Our daughter took ballpoint pen and drew on the walls and even on some wallpaper. I used the Magic Eraser and got it all off. It did mar the wallpaper a bit but not that noticeable, better than the pen drawing plus we are replacing the wallpaper asap. (01/27/2006)

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

My granddaughter did the same thing to my washer and dryer. I tried the dry erase cleaner but it didn't get it all off. I finally tried 'Greased Lightning' and it worked great. This can be bought at WalMart, Home Depot, etc. in the cleaning depts. (01/27/2006)

By sjackie2000

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

If you have baby wipes, try one of those. I've been amazed at what messes my artist (aka 3 year old) makes that I can wipe up simply with a baby wipe. Another idea - there's a product called Goo Gone that I've seen at Walmart or hardware stores. It takes out all kinds of things, although I think the main purpose is for removing adhesive stickiness from plastics. (01/28/2006)

By mclandy

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

I would try Lysol spray (any scent) It removes permanent marker from Dry Erase boards, so maybe it will work. Good Luck.

By lil'ol'me

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

Mr Clean Magic Eraser took PERMANENT marker off the side of our fridge. My daughter wrote on the fridge thinking she had a dry erase marker. It took the marks off completely so I think that would definitely work on dry erase markers. I know sometimes I just write on my fridge with one of those markers, if I can't completely clean it, I just snip off a little square of the erase pad and clean up anything left over. (01/29/2006)

By washburn6394

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

Might be obvious, but have you tried a dry towel? I've had my kids draw on mine (with a non-smooth finish) with dry erase and I dry washcloth always takes it off. (Probably if you try it first anyway.)

By Kaina

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

You could actually try marking over the mark with another dry erase marker, and then wiping it up while still wet. I know this works to take permanent marker off of dry erase surfaces.

By Chris Lewis

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

I know this is a few months later, but for anyone who has this problem in the future... We had dry erase marker on our fridge for a good four months with a "to do" list, and the sun hit it, and from now on I swear by SOS pads. I'm sure those other things work, but if you are living abroad, you may not find them. SOS pads saved us from losing our deposit! (06/01/2006)

By Kari in Mexico

RE: Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Refrigerator

My daughter just did the same thing. GooGone did it. The magic Eraser didn't even touch it. (07/27/2007)

By Kris

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