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What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

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Black dog with white feet.

A female puppy wandered up into our yard yesterday. She has decided to stay, which is fine by me but I would like to know how old she might be and what breed she is. We have an idea on the breed but we want some other opinions to feel sure. Thanks for your help.

Courtney from Clover, SC



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By guages04/06/2013

What breed is my dog? I bought him for $50 . The owner said it is a blue nose.
So I don't know whether its a full blooded or mix, cuz people tell me it's a mix.
Can someone tell me?

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)


Hey, your puppy is beautiful! I have a full pitbull and a pitbull cross staff and he looks to me like a full pit or even pit cross staff.

It's all rubbish what people say about pit bulls, there great dogs, I've had them most my life but don't get me wrong it is how you treat every dog not just pit bulls. Any dog could turn on you, I had a poodle go for me the other day! lool
All the best with your new dog! :) (Here's a pick of mine)

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By meci06/24/2011

I'm kind of confused what my dog is. I had him about 2 months and I wanna know, is he a Pitbull or mix with a Lab?

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By Alaa [1]12/29/2009

Oh what a cute puppy! I think it is a pitbull and boxer mix. An average boxer live up to 8-10 years old. An average pit bull lives up to 10-14 years old. They both are about medium to large size, but is really nice especially pit bulls. I hope this information helped you and it is nice of you to take care of a stray puppy.

By Linda [1]04/22/2009

Aww, so cute. Interesting reading all of this. I am trying to find out what my puppy is too. Posted a pic of Dawson here. Any thoughts?

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By Krysti [1]04/21/2009

So happy to see all the positive pitty comments. I work at an inner city animal shelter and i see is pitts. Your pup definitely looks like a pit. I have a pit too (Dino) and love him!; bestest dog ever.

By Courtney (Guest Post)02/14/2009

Mae is now a year old and is doing absolutely great! She is still such a sweet and loving dog - I'm sure she has pit in her now but as to whether she is full blooded or if she is mixed with something and what that something is, we will never know for sure.
Thanks for all your posts and cute pictures of your dogs. Here is a picture of her "living it up" and laying in the sun.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By Kristen (Guest Post)02/14/2009

I have owned "pits" my whole life, even having a child in the home, I recently got a pit/lab mix to be a playmate for my American Eskimo dog, keep your puppy well fed and WELL socialized with people and other dogs and she will with be your family friend for a long time to come. I cannot stress enough to teach her about the outside world, well trained 'Pits" are great and will slowly turn peoples minds around about them. thanks for taking her in.

By Steph (Guest Post)02/10/2009

She looks a lot like my dog which is a boxer Staffy mix.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By Dana (Guest Post)02/03/2009

My dog looks exactly like yours. Mine is a pitbull cattle dog mix.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By Susan (Guest Post)02/02/2009

This is Goldburg.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By Susan (Guest Post)02/02/2009

We know both dogs have pit ( bull) in them but they are so different. And we know scrappy has staff in him. They are both rescued dogs.
This is Scrappy.

what breed is my dog?

By Ebony.D (Guest Post)02/01/2009

She definitely has pitt bull in her and she looks like she has staffy in her to but you never know. She is such a cutie and I hope everything goes okay with her.

By Kelly (Guest Post)01/14/2009

This is a Boston Terrier. See the similarities?

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By (Guest Post)01/14/2009

Hi, Your dog is part Boston Terrier for sure. It has the distinctive black and white markings and white chest and white paws. The white line between eyes that go up to the top of the head. The muzzle looks kind of like a lab.

Cute dog and Bostons have a very silly personality and rarely bark.

By Jessica (Guest Post)01/10/2009

This dog is definitely a pit bull and boxer mix. I have a 2 1/2 year old pit boxer mix and this dog shows the exact same features on her face and body. But dont let the pit part scare you. My dog is the sweetest, most loving dog with everyone. I have 3 children and he adores them. She looks to be about 4-6 mos. old.

By Michelle (Guest Post)12/13/2008

She looks exactly like my new puppy, which is a pit/lab mix. Very cute :)

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By Aurora M. (Guest Post)11/18/2008

And now.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

By Aurora M. (Guest Post)11/18/2008

This is her when I got her.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog?

By Evelyn Rios [2]06/02/2008

She looks pure pit to me. I don't want to rain on your parade but hopefully you know it is the law to try to look for the previous owners and are doing so. If you don't you are setting a bad example to your kids that it is okay to keep something you "find". Just imagine if you all lost your beloved pet and someone kept it just because it didn't want to leave their yard. I'm sure she might just be scared to leave a secure location after having wandered who knows how far. I have had 2 pit bull dogs stolen from my 6ft fenced padlocked yard and heaven knows where they ended up. It almost killed me at the time.

Also know this before you spend a lot of money and let your kids fall in love with the dog like my sister did and then her landlord, homeowner assoc. and renter's insurance people said NO pit bulls. This is because in our area and many places you now have to carry special insurance and have a certain size and height fenced yard to own pure or mixed pit bull dogs or other so called dangerous dogs (of course any dog can be dangerous even my 4lb Chi bit a 6ft 250lb Petsmart dog trainer who mistook her for my other sweeter dog.) If you don't get it and the dog bites someone they can sue you for your home and everything you own if the damages are severe enough which they can be in the case of a pit bull attack.

I love pitbulls (I used to own and breed nothing but pits) more than most people, but when this breed was originally created any dog that bit any human was supposed to be put down then and there. Nowadays every tom, dick and harry can be a back yard breeder and will breed them to be mostly specific colors, quantity and aggressive in that order. Unfortunately you can't know the breeding of that dog no matter how sweet she appears to be.

Appearances can be deceiving, a day or two of no food can make any active dog look skinny or "hungry" and a run through a field can infest them with ticks. It might have broken its collar off or slipped out of it and ran off for an adventure. My two Chihuahuas I own now get fleas and ticks all the time when I take them fishing with me and they are both so skinny they would look starved within 1 or 2 days of getting away from me. A slim dog is a long lived dog. Heavy dogs get cancer, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, cataracts, like heavy people so if you keep that dog please don't let her get heavier, she looks to be at the perfect weight already.

Once she gets all her shots and spayed please enroll her in an obedience class so she can get socialized to other people and dogs and try to keep up with taking her to dog parks so she won't get mean and to lessen the chance she will bite someone or another dog. Even female pits can and do kill other dogs and cats without provocation. I let it slip after training my 10lb Chi and now he is so mean to other dogs but thank God still loves people. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give you the best advice I hope could help you even if you get upset with it. God bless you and your family and Mae of course if you do get to keep her.

By Heather (Guest Post)05/30/2008

SHe definitely has some sort of terrier in her. But you never know? Our puppy looked a lot like that, with that stocky build, but as she matured (she's 14 months), she changed body shapes completely. That's how we figured out she was a pit bull - greyhound mix.

By sUE (Guest Post)05/30/2008

Your dog looks to have some pit in her, but she is not full. These dogs make good pets as long as they are raised right. You have done a wonderful thing by taking her. The only thing these dogs need is a lot of love, patience, and a spay.

By Pamela [7]05/30/2008

The black and white especially on the legs remind me of a Boston Terrier. Whatever she is, she's really cute. Good luck!

By sharon (Guest Post)05/30/2008

She looks like my american staffordshire terrier (pit bull)

By Shannon in Sumter SC (Guest Post)05/29/2008

Hey, Courtney!
I agree with the other posters...Mae is definitely Lab/Pit mix. This is our sweet Lucky and that is what he is. We found Lucky about a week after he'd been hit by a car. He ended up having to have a leg amputated, but you'd never know it by the way he acts! He has one of the best personalities of any dog I've ever had and very smart.
I know that Mae will bring you all lots of happiness too!

RE: What Breed Is My Dog?

By Shannon in Sumter SC (Guest Post)05/29/2008

Hey, Courtney!
I agree with the other posters. Mae is definitely Lab/Pit mix. This is our sweet Lucky and that is what he is. We found Lucky about a week after he'd been hit by a car. He ended up having to have a leg amputated, but you'd never know it by the way he acts! He has one of the best personalities of any dog I've ever had and very smart.
I know that Mae will bring you all lots of happiness too!

RE: What Breed Is My Dog?

By Marcie [5]05/29/2008

Good for you for giving Mae a home, she is a cutie. Please be sure to have her spayed.

By Sherry [36]05/29/2008

She sure is a cute puppy and I'm glad you are keeping her. She looks like a lab/boxer/pit mix. She looks so happy in her picture, she much like living with you. To be totally sure, ask your vet.

By Lois Viars05/29/2008

I dont have any ideal but shes beautiful.GOD bless you for taking her in your home

By Cynthia Mullen05/29/2008

She definitely looks like she's got a lot of pit in her for sure, but she doesn't look full blood by any means to me. I'm no expert but my sons have had pits and one of my daughters. Plus pits are everywhere down in this neck of Tx. Just going by what I've seen before.

By Holly [349]05/29/2008

She's a cutie! Every time someone says something nice about pit bulls on tv, they're usually female. Thought you'd like to know. Don't let the 'pit' part scare you.

By Courtney Simms [1]05/28/2008

I'm happy to say that Mae (that is what we named her) is doing much better - when she came to us she looked like she had been neglected and set out. After 5 days with us her ribs are no longer sticking out and she is no longer tick infested. She seems to be really happy and doesn't even seem to want to leave our yard for any reason. I have an appt. with the vet this weekend to get her 1st shots and tests. Hopefully they can tell us for sure how old she is and what breed. (I'm pretty sure she is pit bull)

Thank you for all your responses and you definitely have some cute dogs yourselves. Here is another, more clearer picture of what she looked like when she came to us. It's really sad for a puppy to be that skinny and mal-nourished.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog?

By Marie [27]05/28/2008

I would call the local veternarians in your area and also animal control to see if someone lost their pet. You could post flyers around town too (like at local supermarkets) I would also take to vet - you don't know if she had proper vac's., check-ups, etc. If it is a mix and she is part pit-bull (there are different standards) I would def. take to vet to and ask for advice. She is beautiful and she looks like she has some Boston Terrier in her also - I don't know.
She looks well fed which makes me think she is lost. Hopefully things work for all of you.

By (Guest Post)05/28/2008

She looks like my boy Spots. He and his brother happened to have followed our other dog home from walkies one night. We were told by our vet he's Lab/Pit Bull mix. She still looks pretty young. I bet if you take her to the vet, they can determine how old she is, or take a good guess anyway. She's a lovely little doggie you have!

RE: What Breed Is My Dog?

By (Guest Post)05/28/2008

She sure looks like my Dad's "Moose" He is boxer and pit bull. She may have some staffy in there too is my guess. Beautiful girl! She'll make a great dog!!

RE: What Breed Is My Dog?

By Sara Olin (Guest Post)05/28/2008

I'm really sure the puppy looks like a pit bull. Beautiful puppy someone should upset it is gone!


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Question: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

What breed do you think my dog is? When we got her we were told that she is a lab mix, so we know she's part lab, but what do you think the other part is?

It might be hard to tell from the photo, but she is very stocky and muscular, with short legs.

Most Recent Answer

By Christine [1]10/14/2008

Hi Trish! Your dog does look a lot like mine. You know, just in the last few weeks I actually considered Sadie to be a lab/boxer mix, because when I came home, she was so excited to see me that when she jumped up to greet me, she "boxed me" bruising both my thighs in the process. She only does this with me, not the kids. But my son, who is 6, gets hugs and kisses from her, and she curls her paws up like a boxer when she hugs him. I googled this, and there is actually a name for them "boxadors". I found lots of dogs who looked like Sadie. But I've come to the conclusion that she could be lab with anything stocky and muscular...which could be a number of breeds. We love her and she is everything we could have wanted in a pet and more. Pit, staffordshire, boxer, whatever she may be I'd love her just the same!

Oh, and she has mellowed out a LOT since I last posted. She is friendly to everyone and no longer has any aggression. But she is still on guard and protective of the house and family. I contribute this change to getting a friend. We got a second dog, who is a lab/german shepherd mix. (this time we are sure, we met the parents!) She's going to be huge and is only 5 months old and has already passed Sadie in height and weight. But they play together so much that it has completely changed her, all this extra exercise. Here's a picture of her new buddy:

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)

Question: What Breed is My Dog?

Can anyone tell me what my pup might be mixed with? I have Pit Bull puppy I just got, a person told me it was a blue nose Pit Bull, but I know that isn't a breed so I'm assuming my pup is a Pit mix. Any opinions on what she might be crossed with? Puppy lying down with head up and facing camera. Grey and white puppy lying down.

By J.F

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