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Where can I buy rolls of quarters?


Can anyone tell me where I can buy a roll of quarters for the laundromat?

Bhole from Houston, TX



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By Cora 1 113 06/19/2007 Flag

I get mine from my bank. They will exchange a roll of quarters for the equal amount of paper money.

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By Julia (Guest Post) 06/20/2007 Flag

I, myself, being a 'slave to the laundromat', can relate to your problem. Here's what I do now: I get paid every 2 weeks. Every payday, when I take my check to the bank, I get 2 rolls of quarters. Whatever I don't use at the laundromat, I put in a jar that is specifically for my laundry money. Sometimes, I end up with a few dollars extra, which I keep in there for emergencies (such as a stain needing immediate washing or if my kids should have an 'accident').

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By Mike 1 02/20/2010 Flag

The bank is the correct answer. I used to try to avoid this because I have direct deposit and seldom need to go. Unfortunately, there is no other sure fire way to get a roll of quarters now.

I used to work at a 7-11, and I was always fine with giving out rolls of quarters. Most places aren't like this unfortunately. We had a timed safe that you loaded with plastic tubes. It was about 10 tubes high and 8 tubes wide. That meant there were two rows always filled with rolls of quarters, other stuff being 4 fives, 10 and two fives, 10 ones, etc. We also had a drop safe where I worked in a Discount Food Mart.

Point being, if you know your convenience stores have a drop safe like this, you can get a roll of quarters there. They usually don't mind advertising that it's there. It's on a two minute timer, and it allows them to keep <$50 in the drawer at all times, while not allowing someone to steal more than one additional drop <=$20.

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By suzanne 277 750 06/19/2007 Flag

The bank, a grocery store, a gas station... just about any one will exchange paper money for change.

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By Bhole 1 1 06/19/2007 Flag

Thanks. That was prompt.


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By Mythi (Guest Post) 06/20/2007 Flag

It's better to get them from the bank because grocery and retail stores only get so many rolls for the day. I used to work retail and it was no fun for someone to have to run to the bank for quarters. Of course lots of stores have banks in them now.

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By Maddy. (Guest Post) 06/20/2007 Flag

A bank would be the best place! Most stores don't like to give rolls of quarters cause they know it's for the laundrymat.

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By suzanne 277 750 06/21/2007 Flag

That's not always true most stores don't really care, they aren't out anything. Mythi does have a point some stores only get alotted amount of change a day, a bank is the best place of all.

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By Bhole (Guest Post) 06/21/2007 Flag

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. And from experience, I found out that they really don't like to sell quarters. So I shall follow Julia's example and get those irritating quarters from the bank.

Kroger has a courtesy booth that exchanges paper money for quarters but I found the courtesy booth closed too.

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By Shelby1 1 3 06/22/2007 Flag

Any bank should let you buy rolls of quarters. Or go to any grocery store and the service desk should excahnge out rolls of quarters for bills.

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By Corriveau (Guest Post) 07/18/2007 Flag

Make sure it is your bank though. I just attempted to get a roll of quarters from Citibank and they wouldn't give me a full roll. They said I had to be a customer, but for some reason they gave $5 worth of a roll that they had to break open anyway.

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By Laura Carter D. 1 08/18/2015 Flag

I don't use a laundromat, however, when I take my kids to Fudruckers, I have used their change machine to get quarters for the games. I would think a lot of arcades (like in Memorial City Mall) would have them too..

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