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Corn Starch for Dog's Hot Spots

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I took my Chow Chow to the vet and he said, she had a hot spot. $102.00 later, and some spray that stung and drove her crazy, and a naked shaved spot she had for months later. I found out I could do the exact same thing with corn starch. Use the regular "make the gravy thick" corn starch from the grocery store.

Baby powder with cornstarch works, too, if your doggie suffers from hot spots. Try putting some corn starch on it four or five times a day, or every time you check and it looks a tiny bit wet, for a couple of days. It will dry and scab and heal without your baby suffering, and it`s way cheaper.

My girl has had about 6 of them in the last five years and for every one of them, all we did was use, for a couple of days, good ole corn starch and she is good as new.

Try it, you`ll like it.

Source: Experience and a heat rash survivor. Can't live without corn starch.

By jantoo1 from Kemp, TX


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By Vicki H.12/12/2012

NEVER use discount pet meds/flea control. Your vet can tell you Hartz KILLS. Hot spots, itching and oozing---you need to find the cause. Allergy? fungus? mites? fleas? worms? Big one - diet. Another big one is immune destruction by vaccines. Read my past posts (muttmom). Diet? No grocery store purina and such. All contains cheap filler of corn wheat and soy which is an allergen.

Decent one from Horse feed store is Diamond lamb and rice. About the same price as grocery store junk. First ingredient is lamb. No vaccines. They destroy the immune system. Fleas? 20 Mule team borax dry spread through carpets and leave for 2 weeks before you vacuum.

Fungus? Itchy (athletes feet?) back and feet? amber Listerine and also foot spray. More? read my past posts. I was born to help animals.

By Patty M.03/23/2012

I used cornstarch on our dog today as an almost-desperate measure to dry out his crotch area for an inflamed hot spot. So far nothing else has worked; cortisone cream, neosporin, etc, and I figured if it was safe for my Mom to use on my butt 52 years ago for diaper rash, it should be safe for my dog too. So I was relieved to find this post and that others have used it too. God bless you guys, thanks!

By Gina Johnston [12]07/08/2009

Wow! My Dobie gets those sometimes, too. I will definately try that cornstarch--non-toxic, too. I would also say that I wormed him with a double dose of horse wormer (Wait! ONLY pyrantel pamoate like Exodus paste is safe. Some horse wormers are toxic to dogs. Exodus is safe to administer to something like a 10x dose, too.)and the hot spots healed within a few days. So there's that to try too. Naturally, do your research or ask your vet, but the pyrantel is also in some puppy wormers, and in my experience, a double dose will kill just about anything, and this taught me that hot spots can be worm related. Thanks a million for the hint!

By Frances Adams [11]07/03/2009

You could try either getting your dog groomed regularly to keep the hair short, or buying some dog clippers and cutting it yourself. Sometimes keeping the hair short on a long haired breed will help prevent frequent hot spots. I am so glad that your baby improved.

By Robyn Fed [388]07/03/2009

I went to the vet for this very thing, and he gave us a dosage of benadryl which is 1 to 2 milligrams per pound of body weight and two fish oil pills a day, One fish oil capsule for small dogs. This takes a while to have the fish oil work but the benadryl really helps with the itching. Frontline spray is great for flea control and costs about twenty four dollars or so for about 3 months on all of our animals for a once monthly application and you can shop around for it on the net, I use discount pet meds and supplies.

Good Luck, I am going to keep this in mind for anything that comes up on my dogs or cats. This is great....cornstarch! I am going to put this info on under the pets remedies section.
Thank you!

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