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Craft Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

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Can anyone give me some crafty ideas to surprise my boyfriend? I already made him a surprise that he loved (you can see it here: - text in Portuguese, sorry), but I want some more ideas. Thanks.

By Orquidea from Porto, Portugal


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By Rose [1]11/23/2010

I just had this idea. A glass block with a photo of the two of you on it would be nice. That way he will have a light that shines on your photo together letting you know the two of you are seen very positively in your eyes also.

By Michelle [1]09/29/2010

Simple and Quick? What about a scrap paper picture album of you (or you 2)? Now everyone uses Digital Camera and rarely print out photos. I think he'd love to have a small picture album of you.

By Myra [1]01/25/2010

The last person had a great idea. If your boyfriend has a favorite sports team you can make something like this for his rearview mirror for his vehicle. I created this myself and would be happy to share instructions with you.

RE: Craft Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

By debera morrow [3]01/25/2010

This website has all sorts of things

also try this one

By Suntydt [75]01/19/2010

If he has a vehicle you can make something to hang from his mirror.

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