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Where Can I Find Spic and Span Cleaner?

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I've been searching for Spic and Span to clean floors. I'm not finding it in any of the stores where I shop. Any ideas? Thanks

Marylin from FL



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By Dean Siegal (Guest Post)08/18/2008

Hi: I work for the company that makes Spic and Span. It's alive and well and a great seller! Our website lists stores that carry it: click on Spic and Span and then on store locator. Alternatively, if you are still having trouble, you can get in online from or by calling 800-667-4860. Thanks everyone for your interest.

By Guest (Guest Post)08/17/2008

I used to love Spic and Span, too. Then I started using baking soda and vinegar recipes, sometimes with a little liquid dishsoap, and found that works just as well, is cheaper, and is generally better for the environment and our air quality in the home. Just food for thought.

By Marylin (Guest Post)08/17/2008

Thanks for all the feed back. I was looking for the powder as that is what I had always used. BUT I did find the liquid at Walmart and bought it. Will try it soon. Hope it works as well as the powder.
Thanks again.

By Rosalie (Guest Post)08/17/2008

I also had checked all the grocery stores as I use this weekly in cleaning my kitchen & 2 bathroom floors. While I was getting some paper products at the 99 cent store (we have an exceptionally large on close to our home), I located the liquid version (which I prefer to the powder). It is a great bargain at that price. Hope this helps you in your search.

By siris (Guest Post)08/15/2008

I was told that MR CLEAN bought Spic and Span by a store clerk in a local hardware store. It was my favorite cleaner. My kids always knew when Fall cleaning was upon us. They would say,"Mom's high on Spic and Span again," as they opened the door from school.

By Andi R. (Guest Post)08/15/2008

I just bought some yesterday at Wal-Mart.

By Jana [7]08/15/2008

I think that they have quit making the powder that we all grew up with, but they sell the liquid (pourable) at dollar stores in my area.

By Cassie [6]08/15/2008

I found the Spic and Span spray cleaner at a Dollar General store awhile back. I do not remember if they had the pourable kind for floors or not.

By Harry (Guest Post)08/15/2008

I went to google and typed in spic and span. They have an icon you can press to access stores near your location to buy the product or call the 800 number.

Please use our product locator service to find locations in the United States that sell our Products. If you are unable to find a store near you, please contact us at

By (Guest Post)08/15/2008

check out

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