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Faded Leather Couch


How do you cover or fix faded spots on a leather sofa?

Donna from NJ



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By Carol Swanson 36 214 03/23/2009 Flag

Have you tried shoe polish? I'd use the solid kind.

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Archive: Faded Leather Couch

I was using these wipes that are meant to clean leather couches, but it seems to be making my couch fade. How do I stop it from fading and how do I get the color back?

Katie from Elkhart, IN


RE: Faded Leather Couch

I'd try to get something from the store like Armoral cleaner or wipes designed for car leather interiors and seats. Since those types of cleaners or conditioners are meant to help protect and repair auto leather from sun damage. Couldn't hurt, might help. I know the local auto parts place will carry them, but so will Target & Kmart.

By bookgrrl42

RE: Faded Leather Couch

Leather finishes can be very weak under certain circumstances and using leather wipes that maybe haven't been thoroughly tested under all circumstances can damage the finish and may remove pigment or dye (depending on what type of leather you have). Armoral wipes will probably do even more damage unfortunately. You need now to call in a leather specialist as he will be able to ascertain exactly what has happened and what needs doing to rectify the problem. Please do not try DIY methods as these are very rarely successful and may cause further problems. (11/26/2007)


RE: Faded Leather Couch

You could restore the color to the leather using a restoration product such as this -

Or look for professional help in your local area. (12/03/2007)

By ben123

Archive: Faded Leather Couch

Leather couch arm has faded spots from someone using a towel with Oxy Clean on it. It turned from a dark brown leather to a light brown. A small area needs to be darkened.

KG from Gulf Coast, MS


RE: Faded Leather Couch

Try rubbing them with the inside of a banana skin. It works on leather shoes, so it should work on couch arms. Rub it in and polish off with a soft cloth. (08/26/2008)

By patsand31

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