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Cleaning an Electric Iron


I have an ironing press that is stained on the top plate. How do I clean it? It is a Singer Magic Press 4.

Eve from Australia



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Archive: Cleaning An Electric Iron

I have an electric iron with an ironing surface that looks 'icky'. Does anyone know how to clean it?


RE: Cleaning An Electric Iron

You can try vinegar. Soak a wash cloth/rag in white vinegar, wring out and iron over it using a warm setting first. Then if need be, turn the heat up a little. (08/06/2005)

RE: Cleaning An Electric Iron

Thanks...That sounds easy enough! (08/07/2005)

By diddid

RE: Cleaning An Electric Iron

I have some hard brown stuff on my iron. I don't remember ever burning anything. How can I clean this? (05/14/2006)

By Pat

RE: Cleaning An Electric Iron

The rag with vinegar didn't work for me. (05/14/2006)

By Pat

RE: Cleaning An Electric Iron

I would make sure that it is no longer warm, then try those magic eraser sponges, I guess just be careful to not get little pieces in the vent hole of the iron. I want to tell you that I actually found a knock off of the sponge at the dollar store. (05/15/2006)

By Kersti

RE: Cleaning An Electric Iron

Rowenta makes an Iron cleaner that is wonderful, it even takes off burned on plastic. Also, Faultless has a smaller pack look for it at Wal-mart in the Laundry or ironing supplies section. (01/23/2007)

By Greg1796

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