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Avoid Using Dryer Sheets

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Avoid using fabric softening sheets in your dryer, because the build up on your lint catcher becomes dangerous and keeps air from flowing properly. You can take your lint catcher out and run plain water through and see where it will not go through after use of these softener sheets for awhile. It becomes a fire hazard. This is not something I discovered. A friend told me to try and it seems to be true.

By Nancy from Shelby, NC


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By Army Brat [8]05/07/2013

I read about this before. Here's a test to see how your filter is working and allowing air to pass through and collecting lint from your clothes, so simple.

Clean your lint filter. Take the filter to the faucet and add a small bit of water onto the filter like it is a bowl.

When I did this, NOT A DROP of water could pass through. I almost fainted. I have always cleaned my lint filter every time I dry a load of clothes.

Over time, a film of fabric softener adhered to the screen on the filter. The filter has to be scrubbed off with soap and water. Use dish soap and water in the kitchen. I use a kitchen scrub brush to get the wire spiffy clean. Clean it until all the water passes through. Allow the filter to dry before putting it back into the vent. You will notice the difference and the drying time is less. :)

The fabric softener hardens like glue over a couple of years. I test mine every 3 months.

Never leave home with a dryer on, it is a fire hazard. Think $afety:

By GrandmaMary11/06/2010

I haven't used dryer sheets in years since the dryer balls came out. I use two sets and have found that my towels dry better without the softener, also I have found that if I used a dryer sheet dried cloth on my glasses, it left my lenses smudged.

By Grandma J [46]06/09/2010

You need to empty the lint filter after every load. Home fires depend on what you do. It only takes a spark and heaven knows you have plenty of kindling in dryer lint.

By susan winship [4]12/18/2009

I clean the lint filter with a Tuffie or other scrub pad, some dish soap and a gentle scrub. You can just stroke the filter after you put on the soap. The build-up of dryer-softener will come right off. Rinse well.

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [67]12/18/2009

The build up is why you are supposed to clean the lint filter every so often. How often can be decided by how much laundry you do. Once a month is good. Wash it good and let dry before putting back in dryer. Dryer sheets can be used.

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