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Tips for freezing tortillas, post your ideas.


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By Harlean from Arkansas 139 417 06/06/2004

It really is not necessary to freeze tortillas...corn or flour. Leave them in original bag or repackage in a zip lock bag, and store on a cupboard shelf. They will keep and stay fresh indefinitely. No drying out, cracking, or crumbling either. I have used flour tortillas that have been stored for as long as a year in this manner. I use Mission Brand Tortillas.

Harlean from Arkansas

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I stored some unopened...they went blue

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 04/29/2005

To freeze your left over tortillas just stack them with a sheet of waxed paper between each one and then put the stack into a Ziploc bag and store in the freezer for up to 2 months.

By Robin

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By Anne H. (Guest Post) 06/03/2004

I have had no problem with flour tortillas. I just put the bag of tortillas in a freezer bag since the bag you get at the store may have a hole in it. Then I put the toritillas in the fridge the day before I am going to use them. If they thaw out gradually they seem great. When I forget to thaw them gradually and have to thaw them out in the microwave they seem more likely to get stuck together. Warehouse stores have large amounts of tortillas for really cheap so I freeze them regularly. Never tried corn tortillas...

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By Ivy (Guest Post) 06/04/2004

I freeze both corn and flour tortilla's. The corn ones come apart easier with microwaving than the flour. SOmetimes I just repackage them in smaller amounts so that I can just defrost the whole package. Otherwise, I microwave and them peel off the outer tortillas until I have enough, then pop the rest back in the freezer

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By ERosalie M (Guest Post) 06/04/2004

You should not have problems freezing either flour or corn tortillas. Since I live far away from my favorite tortilla place, I buy lots when I get the chance. I get mine where they make them while you wait. They put a little piece of wax paper between the flour ones. Makes them come apart easier. Just don't crush them. (in your luggage). Paper or not, they will stick together or crumble.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 04/29/2005

Can tortillas be frozen? If so, how? Does it matter if they are corn or flour?

Nancy from Florida

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By terry 69 04/29/2005

I'm going to try it Harlean's way because it's much simpler, but before now, I just expelled as much air as possible from the bag they came in, rolled them up, then wrapped the bunch in aluminum foil and put them in the freezer. I've never had any problems with using them after they're thawed. Terry from ChilliOH

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By Sara C 1 84 06/28/2005

I've never had a problem with freezing them, but natural flour tortillas (homemade) do get moldy if you don't refrigerate them, YMMV. I live in a dry high desert climate and keep them in the frig to stay fresh. GL!

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By nani (Guest Post) 08/01/2005

can i freeze my uncooked tortillas? i bought a 36 count pack from costco. the package says it should be cooked within 20 days. so, i want to put half in the freezer so i can extend it from going 'bad'. is it ok to freeze UNCOOKED tortillas?

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By Mary (Guest Post) 01/12/2008

I have a Seal A Meal. I just wanted to know if tortillas can be frozen. Since it is okay to freeze them I will use it to freeze them. After reading the feedback here. This appliance is suppose to freeze for longer then most ways of freezing. You can take all the air out of the package and seal. Thanks for the great info! Hey, I should become a part of their ad team. Ha Ha.

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By JSBeeActor 1 06/23/2011

I enjoy yellow corn tortillas much more than flour or white corn tortillas. They have more of a flavour on their own and actually carry slightly less carbs and slightly more fibre. That being said, I have to disagree with the person who said tortillas keep "indefinitely" without refrigeration and caution anyone who follows that line of thinking. Unrefrigerated tortillas (like any bread) get moldy fairly quickly in my experience.

Haven't tried freezing them yet, but I certainly will now. We have made them a staple in our diet because (in my opinion) they taste better than bread, are almost always whole grain and have a lower carb count than bread. They are also amazingly versatile and convenient for quick snacking.

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