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Does anyone have any ideas on dealing with cats that tend to get feline cystitis?? Can't afford the vets these days. A bit late I know, but I've realised having a cat comes in the "luxury" bracket!!



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By lisa 1 03/06/2011

Hello. My cat has finally been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis after having had calcium oxalate stones requiring surgery one time and many, many UTI's with bacteria, sometimes crystals, blood and other times just the blood. She has been on Science Diet C/D for 2 years and has still had at least 3 infections during that time.

I asked my vet what else I can do since obviously the diet alone won't do it. First, he said do not give these cats anything other than the C/D food meaning no cat treats, small amounts of people food, nothing!

Next, wet food is the best (which you'll read elsewhere, too), but you can give them dry food if they like that better. Wet it first, though. And don't listen to the postings where people say not to wet the cat's dry food because I was told by my specialist as long as you change the food every 24 hours, there is no risk of bacteria growth. I have personally been wetting my cat's dry food for about 6 months now and she is fine!

Also, I give her wet food as much as possible (before I was only giving her the dry food and not even wetting it). Water consumption is key to helping prevent bouts of cystitis and wet food has a lot of water in it.

Also, glucosamine has been shown to help cats with cystitis, but the vet said once you start giving your cat glucosamine, assuming it is working for them, you cannot stop or else they will be at greater risk for it happening again. I tried Uromaxx and my cat wouldn't eat it. The vet then recommended Arthrimaxx, but I instead bought Jointmaxx because it was much cheaper and has the exact same ingredients it in. My picky-eater cat eats it in her wet food with no problems!

Since I have been giving her glucosamine, feeding her wet food most of the time, wetting her dry food when she does get that and not giving her any treats, we have not had any bouts!

I also give my cats bottled water now because it seemed to be more frequent when I was giving her tap water.

Hope this helps!

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Does anyone have any ideas on dealing with cats that tend to get feline cystitis?


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