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Removing Candle Wax from Dishwasher


I put in some candle holders into my dishwasher and the wax melted and now all of my dishes come out with a waxy film. How can I get rid of the wax that is left over in my dishwasher?

By Edgar from Chicago, IL


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By Lisa 75 107 11/23/2009

Perhaps try to run the dishwasher on its hottest setting (I know we have a sanitizing option) with a cup of vinegar. I also read somewhere that rubbing alcohol might help with candle buildup but I don't know if this can be used in dishwashers.

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By Beth 25 1,120 11/24/2009

There is a product you can buy in the supermarket to clean out the gunk that builds up in your dishwasher. You have to run it on the hottest setting. Just for this purpose I will turn up the temperature on my hot water heater. Just leave yourself a reminder to turn it down again when the cycle is done. As the seal on the bottle is wax, I am sure this product would remove all other traces of wax as well.

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