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Using Frozen Zucchini

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Freezing zucchini will make it more watery on thawing. This doesn't necessary cause a problem when adding it to a recipe. This is a guide about using frozen zucchini.



Here are questions related to Using Frozen Zucchini.

Question: Using Frozen Zucchini

I followed the directions on this site to steam-blanch my grated zucchini for freezing. Now it appears that I have about half the amount of fresh grated zucchini I started with.

Will this affect the amount of zucchini I use in my recipes? For example, if it calls for 1 cup should I consider the steam-blanched zucchini as 2 cups since it seems to have shrunk in size?

By Mary from Meridian, ID


Most Recent Answer

By Darlene [52]09/22/2010

Yes it is the same all you have to do is squeeze out the water and your good to go!

Question: Using Frozen Zucchini for Bread

I used frozen zucchini the other day and drained the liquid and my bread did not turn out the same as if it was fresh. It's dry inside and the outside doesn't even have the same look as when it does with the fresh. Did I maybe drain to much of the liquid off?

By C. L.


Most Recent Answer

By John AndKaye P.08/04/2015

I grate zucchini to freeze for later use in breads/cakes etc. I always add the liquid from the package. If the liquid is figured into the original recipe, it should be used even if the liquid has separated from the squash. My recipes turn out perfectly with the added liquid.

Question: Using Zucchini That Froze in Refrigerator

My refrigerator accidently froze my zucchini. Now what?


Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]08/20/2012

With the price of food, I'd still use them. Since they'l be somewhat mushy when defrosted, puree them and put in a casserole, soup, smoothie, roast (gravy), spaghetti sauce, or where ever you can hide them. If you have too many for a meal, keep some frozen for the next meal.

Question: Frozen Squash and Zucchini Got Mushy

Last year I grew a ton of squash and zucchini. I decided to freeze a good amount of it. I cut it into slices and put in vacuum sealed bags. However, when I attempted to use the veggies, they were mushy. Why?

By Kim C

Most Recent Answer

By Susan04/17/2012

They got mushy because of their high water content. I freeze shredded zucchini and sliced yellow squash, and use them in recipes. You must thaw and drain them first. The texture will not be the same, but for zucchini bread or a squash casserole, they are still fine (and tasty!).

Question: Soup Recipe Using Frozen Zucchini

I froze so much of my zucchini over the summer. Does anyone have a good soup recipe I can use them in?

By JenU

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