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What Causes a Skunk Like Body Odor?

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What causes "skunk-like" body odor?

By A. Lin


Recent Answers

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By Barbi D.06/19/2014

Your body needs lots of water to rid itself of odor (armpit, urine, groin and feet). If you are not on a good diet and lots of water you are going to have problems in this area. It can cause urinary tract infections, blocked glands, and liver problems just to mention a few. Fresh lemon in your water and/or tea with honey and apple cider vinegar all help with this. It can also be a sign of diabetic problems. Talk to the Doc about it, but start drinking more good fluids (4 or 5 20oz bottles a day and no pop.

By floyd [3]06/14/2011

Any time you have odor to the body you need see a doc about it because that what you call nerve/glands.

By Gloria Hayes [18]05/29/2011

Oh, and another thing; if you are a man, notice if your nighttime urination is especially stinky. My husband's was, it smelled exactly like a skunk.And turns out it was a prostate/diabetes-overloaded kidneys combination problem.

By Gloria Hayes [18]05/29/2011

My husband is diabetic, and before he was diagnosed, he had a Parmesan cheese-like smell to his skin. Turns out it was bacteria growing in the sweat and oil glands,making hundreds of tiny little pimples under his skin. He was prescribed antibiotics,to no avail. Since getting his sugar under control, the problem is gone. maybe you have clogged oil glands,or are not removing bacteria from your body well enough when bathing. Clothes never being bleached can cause odor when worn and body heat warms them up. Bleach everything you can,and take a hot tub bath as hot as you can stand,with a lot of vinegar in the water;soak in it for awhile. Chronic constipation can cause a terrible body and breath odor. Your skin and lungs are also organs of elimination,and must dispose of toxins from within the body too, causing body odor and bad breath. Change your diet, lots and lots of green vegetables. Notice if you have had a change of bowel or bladder habits,and screen for cancer.

By Mary Nelson [3]05/24/2011

Could it actually be an ammonia smell? I do know that some people with cancer, etc. can smell of ammonia. It is my understanding that this happens because of the body becoming too acidic from too much protein and/or junk food in their diet. The body has a very powerful pH balancing system and when it kicks in, the person smells like ammonia. When it gets to this point, the person is very, very sick sometimes without many other symptoms. Please see a doctor soon. It could also be something simple like garlic, but don't take it lightly. Also, eating a lot of vegetables and fruits is always a good idea.

By Anonymous [848]05/24/2011

Garlic and pungent spicy and/or hot spices can also cause an overpowering odor.

By Lilac [18]05/24/2011

Diet and some medications will cause an odor. Garlic will do it too.

By see-dub05/23/2011

I can't find any information on this but since I was diagnosed w/ breast cancer 3 years ago, I too have the most horrid body odor. Not certain I would classify as "skunk-like" more like some harsh chemical. I can say it is so bad that I cannot ride in the A/C car without the windows down. A gagging smell.

The best thing I've found to do is: bathe w/ anti-bacterial soap, dry off, wipe body down w/ alcohol soaked cotten pads, let dry, wipe off w/ Witch Hazel, put on tons of anti-perspirant. Sometimes I also put powder on the bad areas-under arms, groin, feet.

Good luck to you. If something works better for you, please share.

By BeeLaydee05/22/2011

Diet is possibly the cause. Some foods just do not agree with some people's body chemistry. If I have even one junk food (candy, ice cream, chips, soft drinks, etc.) every day, after a few days, my body odor gets bad.

When I switch back to fresh fruits, veggies, water with lemon juice, and a swig of liquid chlorophyll every morning, the smell gets better then eventually goes away.

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