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Crafts Using a Half Gallon Jar

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I have a half gallon jar. Does anyone have any craft ideas I can use it for? Thanks.

Crystal from Zebulon, NC



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By Janet [7]12/04/2008

I've seen these cut in half & used as the dome on a wooden cheese tray.
Also, it would make a good terrarium jar. with plants, soil, etc.

By Carol (Guest Post)12/03/2008

Use it to paint a santa face on.The neck could be his hat. Use a flesh color for the face. Paint his eyes, and a nose, Paint the rest white for his beard. Will be very cute, I did a large pickle jar, turned out darling. Good Luck

By Cheryl (Guest Post)12/02/2008

I used a similar size jar, filled it halfway with aquarium gravel, planted an amaryllis bulb, and covered near the top of bulb with remainder of colored gravel. It's starting to bloom now & it looks so pretty with the colored gravels around it. Just be careful not to overwater! You can tie a ribbon around the top if the lid screw bands are on the jar.

By millard_crystal (Guest Post)11/29/2008

I have done this craft with jars ranging in size from baby food jars on up. Paint the inside of the jar with white glass paint(available at local craft stores) then use a sharpie marker or more glass paint on the outside of the jar to make a snowman face. Then you can use an old sweater tied with raffia or a child size hat to make a hat for the top of the jar. Then use a strip of fabric or old scarf to tie at the bottom for a scarf.

You could put a battery operated candle inside for light if you wanted. If you don't put a hat on it you can use a real candle. I have also used orange paint and made jack o lanterns for Halloween.

By liz (Guest Post)11/29/2008

Cookies in a jar
Take your favorite cookie recipe "chocolate Chip Cookies" and layer the dry ingredients such as flour, baking soda, salt, brown sugar, white sugar, chocolate chips, nuts. pack each layer in one at a time. Place the lid on w/a piece of decorative fabric and Attach a recipe card with instruction for the wet ingredients and cooking temp. I gave this out at work one year and ever since it a request from my fellow co workers.

By Mary [9]11/29/2008

Or if you buy one of those 5-lb. bags of rice!

As an aside, I keep a number of jars on hand, from mayo to spaghetti sauce etc, even smaller ones. I use them for the rest of the pasta when I don't cook the whole box, partial bags of nuts or chocolate chips, etc. For me that works better than folding all those bags and putting clips on them, and I can see exactly how much I have. And it beats buying more and more plastic containers!

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]11/28/2008

If you have several half gallon jars, they are perfect for storing some homemade hot cocoa mixes which can be given as Christmas gifts.

By Melinda11/28/2008

It seems like a few years ago people were taking large glass jars, putting a small strand of clear Christmas lights in it and filling with potpourri. Then putting a doily on top with a ribbon to keep it on. Plugging the lights in warmed up the potpourri to use as an air freshner. Using scented oil would freshen up the scent once it faded.

By Marty Dick [133]11/28/2008

Any kind of storage, pasta, beans, lintels, etc. If you sew it would make a good button container.

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