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Refilling Scented Oil Warmers

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We inherited several of the plug-in scented oil warmers (ours are Airwick) when we bought our house. I would like to use them, but the refills are so expensive and they only come in a few scents. Does anybody have any ideas on how to refill the little bottles, or even if you can?




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By Jeffery 09/22/2013

For your wick replacement go to Ebay; type in replacement plugin wick and the perfect replacement wick can be found
it is the correct size for Air Wick ,Glade and many other plugins.

By Frances [1]05/30/2010

A company called Abundant Health at sells the wicks at 30 cents each. The URL for the wicks is Be sure to tell them to mail regular mail not priority. They were very nice and called me to ask and, of course, I said regular mail otherwise the postage would have been more than my order.

By Lucia07/31/2009

If you can get a small knife (I used a mini swiss army) slide it under the platic rim and push up. It should just pop off. No neeed to pull out the wick. Then just refill it.

By Ian Paterson07/24/2009

For those concerned about safety, Glade Wisp air fresheners are both easy and safe to refill. They are battery-powered and use high frequency vibrations to diffuse fragrance into the air, rather than warming the oil. Advice for refilling these air fresheners as well as Febreze, Air Wick, and others can be found here:

By Doris (Guest Post)12/09/2008

Check this link: ... in-Scented-Oil-Air-Freshener-Refill/

I have the warmer oil on my website at

and here is my extensive scent list:

By Engineer (Guest Post)08/20/2008

Just to see if I could do it, I pulled out the wick with a pair of pliers and replenished the bottle with an essential oil. To reinsert the wick, I used a a pair of six-inch needle-nose pliers to expand the mouth of the bottle neck so I could pinch the large-diameter segment through. I believe the problems are 1) essential oils are more expensive than the Glade refills; and 2) because the wick is heated at the top, I doubt it can be reused often before it becomes useless. Now if you can find a cheap wick alternative and cheap scents.

By aisha. (Guest Post)08/12/2007

refiiled with cinnamon oil. seems to work pretty good and a little cheaper too. I have 5 burner . CAN ADD UP TO $$ quickly.

By trish03/24/2007

I found that Yankee candle refills should fit Glade or AirWick Wizard (which I can't seem to identify.) I am personally trying to do the same. Merely pulling off the top and manually refilling them isn't working as the fiber diffuser seems to get clogged once it empties the first time. I am trying to find new inserts for them so I can make my own...

By Dayvsea (Guest Post)01/09/2006

I'm thinking of putting my essential oils in the little jug in the glade plug in (far cheaper than the New Age fan diffusers) anyone try this? Or something similar?

By Tammy (Guest Post)11/21/2005

I went to the local health food store and bought some Lavender oil (my favorite) and refilled the lavender airwick oil bottles and they work wonderfully. I found that you can pull the wick out but if it touches ANY water it swells and will not go in again. You can use a syringe ( I used the one from my ink refill kit for my computer and it worked pretty good). I suppose you can use any oil you like, I just happen to prefer lavender.

By Wave (Guest Post)03/18/2005

By the way my 'near-fire' was with an Airwick/Wizard Neutra-Air 'plug-in-type' air freshener. You can find these words on the back of the plug in in raised plastic so you have to look closely. And it does not appear there was any faulty wiring to contribute to the overheating. It appears the resistance fell dangerously low across the air freshener resulting in just over 1000 watts of heating in a localized surface.

By Wave (Guest Post)03/18/2005

The response by SC Johnson that their CURRENT plug ins are not hazardous may be true though you can not prove it by their response; they did not say that people involved did not SUSPECT that the plug ins were the source of fire. There is still significant suspicion that these type of air fresheners that are plugged in can be a source of fires - it cannot be proved when they burn up in the fire. SC Johnson's 'Glade' brand is likely a "safer" brand if you felt you could not live without them as SC Johnson had to pull faulty ones in the past and says the problem was "corrected". I recently had a near-fire with a competitor's brand, and most of the reports out there today appear to be about the competitor brands. See news report at ... WABC%5F7side%5F041902fresheners.html

By Camilla North [16]02/09/2005

Plug-in air fresheners starting a fire is an internet rumor. Here is a link to the official statement from SC Johnson, the makers of Glade Plug-Ins, the warmers most often associated with this myth.

According to them, the only one that were a fire hazard were some Extra-Outlet Scented Oil Warmers made in June 2002, and they've already been recalled (voluntarily, I might add).


Now, does anyone have idea about my question?


By aeromama (Guest Post)02/08/2005

Hi! Does anyone know which kind of plug-ins might be dangerous? thanks.

By Babs (Guest Post)02/08/2005

I read recently that the plug in room fresheners were a fire hazard - might be a good idea to check yours to see if it's one of the dangerous ones before you try to use or re-use it.

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