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Uses for Leftover Biscuits

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Leftover Biscuits

Often times a batch of biscuits may be more than your family can eat at one meal. Save the leftovers and use them in a new dish tomorrow. This is a guide about uses for leftover biscuits.



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Question: Uses for Leftover Biscuits

What can I do with leftover biscuits? I am on a budget.

By LeeAnn from Hampshire, TN


Most Recent Answer


Cut in half sandwich slice style and use instead of shortcake for strawberries and whipping cream or, my preferred, raspberries and whipping cream ;-)

Speaking of sandwich style, why not make regular mini sandwiches with them?

Question: Using Leftover Biscuits

What can I do with left over biscuits?

By Matt


Most Recent Answer

By Litter Gitter [121]07/20/2013

Freeze them. If you want a biscuit, take one out and put it in the microwave on high for 20 seconds or so. You can heat a pan of frozen biscuits by putting them in a cold oven, set oven temperature at 450 degrees and bake them for 10 minutes. They taste like fresh baked biscuits.

We like to cut them in half, butter the halves and toast them. This is great with bacon and eggs for breakfast.


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