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Getting Rid of Possums


What can I spray on my passion fruit to get rid of possums?

Hardiness Zone: 1

By Jim from Australia


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By Pamela Martin 12 04/29/2010

Moth balls have worked well for me in getting rid of skunks & other unwanted animals; I bet they'd work for possums, too. (And they're cheap!) Sprinkle a few on the ground around the plants; replace them after rain or really heavy dew.

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By Sharyl 14 74 04/30/2010

It would be unfair and cruel to take them into another area as they are extremely territorial. Any program I have seen where they rescue possums they always return them to the place they found them. As for deterring them from your fruit - I'm not sure how that would be achieved.

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By xxdarlaxx 1 05/17/2010

Well I do know now for a fact that possums do kill ducks. And I hate them. I will/am going to do whatever it takes to get rid of this possum under the house. Move, kill, or whatever.

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By pusspuss 1 05/15/2011

For those who say cats and opossums don't bother any one or anything, they are wrong. Just saw a opossum kill my new baby kitty right in front of me. Couldn't get to it fast enough. My heart hurts and opossums suck.

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