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Removing Nicotine Stains on the Exterior of a Refrigerator


Can any one tell me how to remove nicotine stains from the exterior of a refrigerator/freezer? What products can I purchase for the job? Please.

By Patricia from England


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By metroplex 82 416 06/11/2010

I don't have any proof, but I'm a big believer in 409.
I have used it on plastic kitchen cabinets and you wouldn't believe what came off of them.

Good luck!

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By Joyce Lambert 31 146 06/13/2010

Try magic erasers. I buy mine at Dollar General, they are very good at removing a lot of tough grime and stains. They remove my husbands "mechanic grease" from our ref door, so the nicotine should come off fairly easy. Good luck.

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By S Durgeloh 7 25 06/13/2010

The best overall cleaning product I've found is purchased at Home Depot (maybe other places also). Sorry I cannot remember the whole name (I've run out so can't look at the gallon container) but it's a product made by Zep. It is a degreaser and is a purple liquid. It is very concentrated so I put maybe 3-4 tablespoons in a spray bottle and fill the rest with water. I have used this on my fridge to remove smoke stains and had wonderful results.
Just be sure to clean from the bottom up, no streaks that way. Although a gallon seems like a lot, if you dilute it, it will last a year or so and it cleans anything, inside and out. Good luck!

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By Cheryl Warner 9 6 06/13/2010

409! We both smoke and have a wood stove, haven't found anything better!

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By 1 10/22/2011

I use a paste of Softscrub and OxyClean. Mix it up in a bowl about 3:1 and let it sit while the OxyClean dissolves. I use one of those Micro Cleaning Cloths - seems to work best. Scrub it in, let it sit about half and hour or so, then wipe off and rinse. Voila!

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