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Use Non Fat Dry Milk for Coffee Creamer

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Coffee creamer that is actually good for you. Use non fat dry milk as coffee creamer. There is no need to pre-mix dry milk with water, just use it as is. You can use as much as you like, without the fat. Your coffee will taste just as good as coffee creamers that have questionable additives like high fructose corn syrup. Canned "no fat milk" is also good, but it is more expensive. If you're big on coffee, like me, this will also help keep off the pounds. Enjoy!

By suzyspinkmoon from Clinton, TN


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By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]04/23/2009

That is a great idea! I was watching the line at my local espresso shop yesterday while at a stop light, and noticed the sign that advertised "Almond Rocha Mocha for just 3.50!

This morning, I frothed up a two cupper, put in some cocoa powder, added some orgeat syrup, and whipped canned cream. The cost...about .35 and maybe .10 in electricity.

That means that for there one, I can have 9 at home. That's kind of a no brainer for me!

By mcw [79]04/21/2009

Thanks for the great suggestion. I found a recipe on which was the liquid version, mix non-fat dry milk with the water. Once it's mixed it has to be stored in the refrigerator and then has to be used within a short period of time.

I just perked up 4 cups of coffee and had to try it for myself. The non-fat dry milk powder dissolves very well in a hot cup of coffee.

My doctor doesn't want me to use the commercial coffee creamers because of the high fructose and palm kernel oil. It doesn't help my high cholesterol. Thanks again for your healthy suggestion!

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