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Freezing Pistachio Nuts

Can you freeze pistachio nuts?

Hannah from St. Pete, FL


Recent Answers

By KL [3]02/17/2009

Ditto what Jean said. It also keeps them from going rancid if you can't use them right away. I find it does change the texture a bit...I suppose depending on the type of nut, how long it was frozen and how well it was wrapped before freezing.

If I am using the nuts in baked goods etc I usually toast them a bit on a cookie sheet or carefully in a skillet on top of the stove to remove some moisture and crisp them up a bit and it also helps bring out the flavor too.

By Jean17 (Guest Post)02/16/2009

Absolutely, I do it all the time. The website is very useful for this kind of information-- just type a food name into the search box and it'll tell you how long it will stay good, how you should prepare it for freezing, etc.

Here's the information for freezing pistachios:

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