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Decorating Clothing with Found Fancy Buttons


I search thrift shops for clothing with fancy buttons (buttons are expensive). I buy an article of clothing for 1.00 or 2.00, take it home, remove buttons and sew on a plain blouse or the pockets of jeans. Buttons can be placed anywhere you like. It spices up an outfit for pennies! The added benefit: you get lots of compliments.

Source: This came about for my desire to add sparkle and bling to my clothing. I have been doing this for years designing my own clothes for pennies.

By Maureen from Williamsport, PA


By Marty Dick 163 958 04/16/2008

This is a wonderful idea! I once took a pink sweatshirt and drew freehand with a ballpoint pen an outline of a bow with the streamers hanging downI then sewed different sizes and colors of buttons on the outline. Instead of button and bows it was buttons are bows. I got a lot of compliments on that one. I also use some of my small buttons that were my mother's for the centers of flowers for my granddaughter's clothes, I embroider petals and leaves with either floss or ribbon. Buttons provide a veritable fountain of possibilities for the creative mind,

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By Clown 6 06/23/2010

I also keep an eye out at yard sales where clothing can be $.25 or less. I've even gotten clothing at eBay for as low as $.99 /w free shipping. If the piece of clothing is made of wool, it's a double-win because you can felt the wool for other crafts! Anyway, a cute idea for a button craft is to start with a plain kid's t-shirt or sweatshirt, embroider on it in a kind of crazy way that doesn't worry about being a straight line, "Button, Button... Who's got the Button?" For each "o" in that saying, use a round button instead. The buttons can be very unique, the stitching all different colors (including using variable floss), or each time you use a word containing an "o" use floss the same color as the button you use for that word. I've also done shirts where I scattered another 6-12 unique buttons just on the front and sleeves of the shirt. (I avoid putting the buttons on the back unless it is up around the neck) The ideas are just about endless!

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