Freezing Fried Squash


Can I fry my summer squash and onions, let them cool and then freeze them? Then they will be ready to eat when they thaw out. Will they still taste ok? Has anyone tried this? I don't want to do this if they won't taste good.

By auntiesarah from Lawrenceville, VA


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By Elaine 2 06/23/2009

My mom would fry squash with onions and bacon, and freeze it for future use, all she did was thaw it out and warm. It was just as good to us. She would cook corn and freeze also. Hope this helps you!

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By Juanita 6 58 06/23/2009

When I cook/freeze yellow squash or zucchini, I slice them, dip in seasoned flour, dip in buttermilk, then back into the seasoned flour. I use salt, pepper, a dash of garlic, and some onion powder to season the flour. I then pre-fry them just long enough to set the batter, just a minute or 2; drain well and cool. Then I line up each circle, edges not touching, on cookie sheets lined with wax paper and freeze for several hours. Once the squash are frozen solid, I put them into freezer bags (work quickly) and return them to the freezer. They last in the freezer for about 6 months and sure taste good during a windy Oklahoma winter, a taste of summer to warm the soul. Hope this helps!

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By Robin Herrin 3 31 06/23/2009

This is how I freeze my squash now since freezing it fresh cut doesn't work. I wash and cut my squash and onions, place in pan with some bacon grease, season to taste and cook down just like normal. When cooked to desired consistency, I take my potato masher and mash the squash and onions up good and let cool completely, then bag them in freezer bags. Thaw and heat when ready! Tastes great!

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By Julie Cheek 5 20 06/25/2009

Yes this can be done. I cook the squash and onions, let it cool and put into freezer bags for wintertime use. I also cut fresh squash into coins, lay them flat on cookie sheet, pop into the freeze about 30 minutes, take out and put directly into freezer bags and the freezer. These can be used int he future for frying or casseroles.

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