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Fixing a Corningware 9 cup Stovetop Percolator

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I have a Corningware 9 cup Stovetop Percolator AND I love it. The problem is that the seal around the metal rim is corroded, so when I pour a cup of coffee, some goes in and leaks out down the outside of the pot. I have left an e-mail with Corningware and posted a question on Does anyone know of a way to mend this without chemicals (like silicone sealant)? My DH would like my skin to not turn green!

I spent $4 and much time looking for this, so any amount of money and time is fine by me. I love it so much more than the coffee machine!

Kelly from Willamina, OR



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By karmeea a.08/09/2015

I have a corningware stove top 9 cup coffee pot white blue corn flower and I need either the inside set or the
Filter Basket Lid ( flat lid Top for coffee grinds holder)
does anyone know in central NJ where I can find or does someone have one to sell ?

By Karen Minnear03/06/2009

I am not sure how to fix the problem, I have one I found several years ago and use it all the time. I found a copy of the recall and it pertains to the electric pots. Mine is electric and have the same problem. When the handle goes I will find a way to use it any way. I would like one for the stove top or another electric. Love it!

By Al (Guest Post)12/14/2008

Good luck with your coffee pot. I have an electric 9 cup that leaks near the handle as well. This is common for these pots as far as I know. There was a recall because the handle would suddenly fall apart and caused some injuries. I have used my corning ware coffee pot for over 20 years after I found it in the back under my mothers cabinet. She put it away when she bought a Mr. coffee back in the 70's. I'll keep using this pot leak and all for many more years.

By Tim (Guest Post)10/24/2007

wacky wherehouse @ ma c . co m

By Tim (Guest Post)10/24/2007

I have a new recalled 9 cup stovetop percolator I would like to sell it for parts only, it is complete and new with instruction book

RE: Fixing a Corningware 9 cup Stovetop Percolator

By Petricia10/01/2007

I have a new never used 9 cup perculator from corningware, If anyone would like to purchase it.

RE: Fixing a Corningware 9 cup Stovetop Percolator

By Holly [349]07/29/2006

Check for replacement parts on ebay.

By (Guest Post)07/29/2006

There was a recall on these pots years ago and they highly recommend not using them. They said there was a problem with the handle-whatever- which could cause burns damage or something like that. I have not gotten rid of mine as I still use it when our electric goes off, but they told me not to use it anymore.

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