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I have a Tupperware bread keeper that I love. Unfortunately I left a partial loaf of homemade bread in it too long and now it smells like moldy yeast. The store-bought loaf I put in it I had to throw away because it tasted the same way. What can I use to get that smell out? Thank you!

Jane from Bonifay, FL



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By metroplex 82 416 03/23/2009

I'd try baking soda; it pretty much does the job for a lot of things.

I'd put 1/2 a cup (to start) to see if that works, cover the tupperware with the lid, and check every day to see if the smell is gone. I'd also change the baking soda out and use fresh until the smell goes away.

I read on this site that fish odors can be removed from refrigerators by crumpling up some newspapers and putting them in the fridge.

I did this and the smell was gone in around two days. If baking soda doesn't work, maybe newspaper will.

I'd also try lemon juice or bleach as a last resort. JUST DON'T MIX THEM TOGETHER.

Never mix anything with bleach as it will cause toxic fumes to form. Good luck!

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By kathy 2 25 03/23/2009

Don't remember where I heard of it, but have been sticking any of my smelly plastic containers in the freezer (after washing & letting air dry fully). Usually 1-2 days and the smell is gone.

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By lynda 44 258 03/24/2009

I'd place a small amount of bleach and liquid dish soap and fill the remainder of the bowl with warm water, letting it soak fifteen minutes in the sink with the lid in the same solution, both covered with foil or clear wrap. The heat will expand and let the bleach and soap clean into the plastic where the meatloaf juice got into. It should work when rinsing with cold water and then smell it. Repeat if necessary. Good luck and god bless. : )

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By Paulette Gulakowski 7 178 03/25/2009

You could try washing it out with peroxide. It got rid of the mold/mildew on some clarinet reeds I have.
Polly from Turtle Creek

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