Recipe For Bleach Water Remedy For Parvovirus

I need the recipe for how many spoonfuls of water and bleach to give your puppy for parvovirus. I will be getting a new puppy next week and would like to know in case he gets the virus. He is a Chihuahua and Feist mix. I already have a miniature Feist but he is 1 1/2 yrs old. I had gotten a Shih Tzu pup from a friend and he got the parvo and had to be put to sleep one week after I had gotten him that was a month ago. Then I found this site and read the post and would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks.


Linda from Batesville, MS

Editor's Note: Bleach can be deadly if too concentrated. Contact a veterinarian for a vaccine as soon as you get your new puppy.

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I've never heard of anybody giving bleach to puppies, and it sounds very dangerous.

However if you want to know more about Parvo and how it can be both treated and prevented, then you should download our free book, Parvo Treatment 101.

You can get it at

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NEVER give your puppy bleach water! Take your puppy to the vet upon bringing him/her home to be checked over and given the necessary shots, etc. Always follow your vet's advice! By the way, if you cannot afford a vet, you should probably refrain from getting a puppy as they do cost quite a bit of money.

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I read on a website that a puppy should be given the vaccine for parvovirus. There are also tips on how prevent it.


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I would check with my vet to see what the risk to the puppy would be, especially since you've recently had parvo in the environment. I'd be sure the puppy you're getting is up to date on vaccines, to minimize any risk!

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Whoa! You DO NOT give any animals bleach! You use the bleach//water combo to CLEAN/SPRAY all areas that the animal that had the parvo came in contact with. I believe the ratio is 1/10 bleach and water.

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Never, ever give bleach to an animal! Take your new friend to a vet! Perhaps you cannot afford a visit to the vet, but if you have traveling vets in your area, their charges are not extremely high. If you are an animal lover, like me, you will see that they get the best of care.

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Pablo Picasso's son was famous for committing suicide by drinking bleach, poor guy, so how can even dilute bleach be good for any living thing??

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NEVER GIVE YOUR DOG BLEACH ! It will kill him! If you can not afford to take him to the Vet, Find a vet supply and buy the shots and give them to the puppy yourself. Look in the phone book to find a vet supply close to you and it will only cost about 6.oo dollars per shot( 6in 1). You have to give them two weeks apart so that comes out to about 18.00 dollars. As the caretaker of a dog that survived parvo I can tell you that the bleach is for spraying any and all areas that the infected dog came in contact with. and it stays in the ground for up to 5 years. If possible try to give the dog the shots before you bring him home. Good luck and good health. Nancy So.Cal.

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You DO NOT give the dog bleach. You clean all area's surrounding any area the animal with parvo had been around with a bleach mix. Inside and outside your house.You take 1 part bleach 10 parts water, and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN every single thing your dog was around that had parvo. BUT, Parvo can live for 10 yrs if even a leaf covers an area that has been exposed to the virus. So WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. Is take the puppy to the vet ASAP when you get it. After the puppy has gotten the parvo/distemper shots it will be protected from the virus after 24 hours. And until the 24 hrs passes, you MUST KEEP THE PUPPY AWAY FROM ANY AREA THAT THE PARVO COULD BE. And Parvo is not a death sentence for all dogs, some you can take to the vet and they can keep them hydrated thru IV and some can be baby'd back to health.

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Good grief! Let me be blunt! If you don't intend to take your pet to a veterinarian as soon as you get him, please don't get a pet. Parvo can be prevented with a vaccine. It's downright cruel to take a pet in your home and not give him proper veterinarian care.

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Not all of us are millionaires and our kids and household needs must take precedence over our pets. As much as I would like to pay the 130 dollars a day for vet care for my parvo pup, I can't! So I am giving my pup a few drops of bleach in her Pedialite. MANY MANY people on different blogs have done this with much success! I am not putting a nipple on the Clorox bottle but, after the 200 vet bill just to find out it was not worms but parvo, I do not even have money for paviad! I am doing ANYTHING I can to keep this dog alive, a little bleach will not kill her.

PS if anyone wants to call me an irresponsable pet owner because i do not have enough money for this immpossible virus. Let it be known that my kids will and allways will be my top priority and i took this abandoned puppy in savinging it once allready .... we love our pup!

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I've given my dogs and puppies their own parvo shots (I give the 8-way vaccine) and de-wormer for years now.

One important thing to remember when cleaning up an area where a dog infected with parvo or worms has been is to completely remove any other animals from the area. They can absorb the bleach and soap through their foot-pads, and it will poison them.

From what I understand, Parvo can live in the ground for up to 9 years, but worm eggs can live outside in freezing conditions for over 20 years! It's very, very important to keep this in mind: a dog who has just been de-wormed can reinfect itself within a day or so, and humans are just as susceptible to pin worms and other parasites as any other mammal.

Please take the time to wear shoes in all areas where you have pets!

Cheri in S.C.

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I believe the original poster was alluding to the coincidence that dogs that drink from swimming pools don't come down with parvo, and therefore people are adding drops of bleach to there pets water to keep them from coming down with parvo. My puppy is at the hospital right now with parvo even after receiving his puppy parvo shots, and if I'd known that a couple drops of bleach in his water would have kept him healthy 2 weeks ago we probably would have him home with us now.

As far as putting bleach in the water I don't know why the people who have replied are acting spacey.. where you all have been. Our public water supply is treated with bleach Swimming pools are treated with bleach.. and the military adds bleach to water anytime they are in the field.To answer your question I believe it is one capful of bleach to 5gallons of water. I believe the military ratio is 10 drops per gallon.

The redcross suggest 16 drops per gallon of water to decontaminate it and make it safe for humans to drink. Here's a link to their red cross ... 61150e8ae110VgnVCM10000089f0870aRCRD

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Consider your financial situation before you take on a life-time animal commitment. The only person with professional qualifications to administer vaccine to an animal is a veterinarian.

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I don't know how old this thread is but when I saw it and all the people screaming "don't give your puppy bleach" I Had to reply. I am nursing a 14 week old pup through parvo as Im typing this and have done everything possible to save her and have read every piece of info published about home remedies. There are breeders who have treated and saved pups with bleach water. Mind you it's not the only thing. It's bleach water and pedialyte and pepto and many other things including anti emetics and antibiotics. But people dont give your 2 cents when you dont know what you are talking about.

Humans use bleach to make water drinkable after disasters so please tell me why a few drops of bleach in a lot of water is going to hurt a pup that without every possible treatments available will die? I am giving 1/4 tsp. into 2 qts of water giving 10ccs every hour or so along with the pedialyte. For a pup that hasn't drank on her own in 2 days after I started bleach treatment she got up and has been drinking on her own. Coincidence? Maybe.

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Parvo is an extremely bad virus, I hate vaccines! All mammals have auto immune systems and what doesn't kill us makes us stronger! But the parvo vaccine is one vaccine I reccomend you give your dogs! I know vet bills are expensive even a series of shots can cost you some money and these days most people can't even afford their own healthcare!

You can buy the vaccine from most of your local feed store for around ten dollars and give it to your dog yourself! If will save you a lot of heartache down the road, it comes with complete instructions on how to give the shot jus remeber that you have to keep this vaccine cold and the store should give you a bag of ice to keep it on until you get it home and give it to your dog, if you don't give it to your dog right away keep it in the fridgerator! If the vaccine gets warm it will go bad and won't be effective, if your dog gets the virus and you end up taking it to the vet it can and more than likely cost you over a 1,000 dollars and even under the care of a vet your dogs chances of making aren't guaranteed!

If your dog has the virus now, and you can't afford the vet as most of them want their money up front, the most important thing you can do is to react to the virus as soon as you see it coming on! I believe that dehydration is the most serious factor when it comes to any illness! Parvo causes dogs to vomit a lot and gives them diarrhea! It has a distinct smell to it! Once you have smelt it you won't ever forget it and will be able to diagnose any dog with parvo from that day forward!

Pedialyte is good for keeping your pet hydrated, the problem is keeping it down water is a must if you don't have pedialyte and I reccomend using water until you can get the pedialyte but get the pedialyte as soon as possible. Your response time is very important, you need to react to the virus soon as you see it coming on!

Your dog will quit eating and drinking on its own! Get a syringe, remove the needle it should just screw off or use an eyedropper and put the end in a cup of water or pedialyte pull back and fill it! Gently push it into the dogs mouth allowing them to swallow without choking them! If you push it to fast most of it will end up coming out of their mouth and choking your dog!

Very important to remember that the objective here is keeping fluids in your dog so administer the fluids in small amounts, every 60 minutes! to much fluids at one time will more and likely cause them to puke it back up! So smaller dosages in 60 minute time periods is much better than big amounts a couple of times a day!

As far as bleach goes, I see a lot of people saying it will kill your dog, that is simply not true! Of course you can't give your dog pure bleach then that would kill the dog! It is important that you use Non scented bleach. Note: DO NOT use scented bleach! I have never used it for parvo or on a dog but as a prepper I do know that a tablespoon to every five gallons of water is safe for human consumption as it is used to kill bacteria and parasites!

One post here gave a link to redcrosses reccomendation! It is under the food prepartion towards the bottom! They reccomend 2 drops per gallon of water! I don't know if ten drops would equal a tablespoon for the five gallons of water as I was saying! I guess it depends on how big the drops are! Bleach is used to kill parvo on the surfae of floors, sprayed in yards to kill the virus, so it would make sense that it would kill the virus in the dog, I have had friends who have used it and their dogs lived! But I have had dogs who survived parvo with nothing other than keeping them hydrated too! If you use bleach just make sure it is a very small dose mixed with water!

Start with red cross reccomendation, two drops per gallon and see if your dogs health improves in the next 24 hours if not you can add another drop or two but I wouldn't go past that! And I wouldn't do it more than one time every 12 hours! Although all our drinking water from the cities is treated with chlorine which is a basis of bleach!

If your dog dies it wasn't the bleach that killed them, as I said, even if your dog is under the care of a vet, your dogs chances aren't very good! And I have to say it again, keep fluids going into your dog in small amounts every hour! I really believe that is why most dogs die from this virus!

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