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11th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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A birthday cake with the number 11 on it.

Tween birthday parties can be difficult to plan, they are getting too old for children's parties and are still not ready to move up to teen party activities. This is a guide about 11th birthday party ideas for girls.


Solutions: 11th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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Tip: Painting Birthday Party

My daughter is as well turning 11 in a couple days. She is having a few close friends over and they are all painting their own canvas. Each girl will take home their canvas and an apron they each decorated. Got everything at Michaels.

    By lisa.aggarwal [1]

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    Here are questions related to 11th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls.

    Question: Ideas for 11th Birthday Party

    My 10 year old daughter is turning 11 in a week and I need some ideas for a party, but I don't want any baby games like pass the passle. Please help me.

    By Imogen


    Best Answers

    By Triangles06/01/2012

    Hey Imogen -
    My daughter's eleventh birthday is coming up, and I have only one planned activity for her sleepover. The group will be divided into pairs of two, and each pair will be assigned to a table. On each table will be three random props (e.g. a bottle of whipped cream, vampire teeth, and a fake microphone). The challenge is to make a wacky skit using ALL of the props, and then performing the skits in front of everyone else. We will videotape these.

    Apart from that one activity, the girls will just do whatever they please (e.g. truth or dare). This will entertain the girls more than being on a rigid schedule.
    They'll come for dinner, and then breakfast the next morning.
    I hope this helps!

    Best Answers

    By Kelly Rose02/18/2011

    I am doing a SPA party for my 10yr old, making our own facials, scrubs, glitter lotion, and gel, (make enough so they can take home for party favors). Also going to do a "spin the bottle" type game to pick out the colors for their finger and toe nails. Hope this gives you a good idea!

    Best Answers

    By Cindy [3]02/09/2011

    Hello Imogene and Happy Birthday to your daughter. At that preteen, 10, 11, 12 age a lot of girls are more into "activities" than " contest type games". Is your daughter at that point?

    If so, set up a scrap book table and take a photo of each girl as she arrives (make a print out), then have each of them make a scrapbook page for the birthday girl (of course the birthday girl gets to make the cover with her own picture.) Create a scavenger hunt themed around one of your daughter's favorite pop stars, video games, hobbies, etc. Set up a pizza or taco or cupcake bar and let them all make their own snacks. (Just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, go with what you know she enjoys.)

    As Lilac said, ask your girl what she would like and just take your cues from there and keep it flexible. And for a fail-safe backup, make sure you rent a very recent, popular for the age group, DVD release or two for the girls to watch together!

    Hope it's a great day for all! Enjoy.

    Best Answers

    By Jaye Stew (Guest Post)02/12/2007

    We are having a "murder mystery" dinner party for my daughters 11th! She's very excited and we ordered the game online. Acting, clue finding, and yummy food! Good luck!

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter's 11th birthday is in a little more than a week, and I have no clue what to do for her party. She would like to have as many girls as she could over, but I have a small house. I would also like to keep the party at home, not at a party place.

    She would like to have a girly party, but not with the makeovers, etc. Her original plan was to have a murder mystery party, but that was put away do to the fact of murder being violent (any ideas on how to make that better?). Then, she thought of a movie theater party, to no avail. Please, if you have any 11th birthday party ideas for girls, let me know.
    Thanks for your time.

    By Jinger from NY


    Best Answers

    By Chris [1]03/16/2011

    I just did a spa sleepover for my daughters birthday this past September. The girls came at 5, we had healthy snacks, did mani/pedis and make your own mini pizzas for dinner. After dinner, I put on relaxing spa music and they all got into their PJ's for facials (homemade recipe), cucumbers over their eyes and guided meditation, they nearly fell asleep! We made soap and lip gloss and then had a spa themed cake (girl with a facial mask and cucumbers over her eyes, turby twist towel on her head!). After cake I let them do mad libs and their own games for a while. They watched a movie and played with our bunny till who knows when! Not much sleeping, but they had a blast! I gave them each a goodie "bag" (makeup purse) with a washcloth, nail polish, headband, toothbrush and toothpaste when they arrived so they had all they needed. Exhausting, but totally worth it!

    Best Answers

    By Veronica [10]03/15/2011

    If she's set on the mystery party, maybe you could do a "who stole the party favors?" or something less violent like that. You could also do some kind of craft or cooking activity - kids that age love to make stuff, and the more grown-up and real, the better. You can find kits for making soap or candles at craft stores, or you can find more ideas online. Good luck.

    Best Answers

    By Sue [3]10/31/2010

    You didn't say if it was for a girl or boy but my daughter turns 11 in Feb 2011 and we are taking about 10 of the girls to a craft workshop for the afternoon and then on to eat somewhere. My daughter is a mad keen crafter. Try to find something that your birthday kid has a passion for and go with that. Indoor rock-climbing. 10 pin bowling and a disco party were our last three.

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter is having her birthday party in two weeks and she is having about six people, but we have no ideas. Her birthday is in December and it can not be too expensive. She is not a tomboy, but she is kinda girly. Somebody please help me!

    By Mom 05

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]11/19/2014

    Movie night? Spa night - they do pedicures, have their nails painted. (A friend found all sorts of ideas on Pinterest, I think.) Games night. Have them make their own personal pizzas with toppings of their choices. If a sleepover is not possible, just do an afternoon with the same sort of entertainment.

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughters birthday is in 2 weeks and I have no plans what so ever! I need some ideas ASAP!

    By Kelly P.

    Most Recent Answer

    By zeel.pagal07/03/2015

    Why not a Harry Potter theme?

    Question: Party Ideas for Eleven Year Old Girls

    My daughter is turning eleven and she is tricky. She never tells me what she wants. Please give me some ideas.

    By Litha

    Most Recent Answer

    By Jasmine :) 08/25/2014

    You could have a baking party put them into groups and set them something to make or a spa party? You can book somewhere or make it up. Pool party? A local pool or get a hotel room its fun either way. Zoo and ice skating are also fun. Hope this helped.

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    It's my daughter's birthday; she will be 11 on 31st of January. I want some ideas, but not that expensive. She is a tomboy. Please help.

    By Rawail from Karachi

    Most Recent Answer

    By Margo Menges01/11/2015

    I have three ideas.
    1. Take her two a local school gym and play dodge ball or a sport she loves. Winners get points. At the end of the party the team with most points get a prize.

    2. Go sledding. Its a great way to exersize and its super fun. Afterward take them to your house to watch a movie eat pizza, dessert and just to relax.

    3.Do a scavenger hunt. Hind clues all over the house. At the end theres a prize like tickets too a theater or a bunch of candy. If you want to get really expensive mabey cocert tickets or tickets to a sporting event.

    Hope you like it. I turned 11 two years ago so I know a little something.

    Question: 11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter's birthday is in a week and she wants to invite boys. She and her friends are also growing up very fast. I need ideas! Thanks.

    By Shelby D.

    Most Recent Answer

    By AngieA04/07/2015

    Well, I am turning eleven in two weeks and my friends and I are all going to Mundy Park and we are talking, playing some games, bringing candy, having a picnic etc. Boys and girls can do it, it's really fun, and if she wants a couple of friends can sleep over at the end!

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas for Daughter

    My daughter's birthday party is in less than two weeks! She loves baking, but she also loves the disco idea and would like an outside bleacher where all her friends and she can sit and talk. Possibly a small candy table? It cannot be too high on price and take too much time. My daughter and I are very busy. We need a quick and fun idea to at least get started designing her party. She also she likes cats and drawing.

    By Mom of 4

    Most Recent Answer

    By riamicro27711/13/2014

    You could totally do a picnic and have it cat themed, after the picnic you come back to the house and have a dance competetion and a baking tournament but of course with there moms help and then have a cat cake and then a sleepover its perfect, i just turned 11 today.

    Question: Girl's 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    I need ideas for a girl's 11th birthday party. The girls coming are into fashion and really girly stuff, so can you please help me? I'm running out of time. Also, what are some good cake recipes for this birthday?

    By Jessie J.

    Most Recent Answer

    By piggy-girl06/15/2013

    What I did was that I had a party full of adventure. We had a treasure hunt and we did tons of games. If you want a recipe then order this book : 100 things to cook for an 11 year old girl party. I hope this answered your question.

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter wants a food fight party, but I don't want her to have one. She also wants boys what should I do?

    By R.K

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dena R. [3]06/24/2014

    Love the outdoor popcorn food fight idea! Popcorn is inexpensive and biodegradable! The cereal is also good, but more expensive. You should let the boys come. Just put a limit on the number of kids, or you will have problems ...that age, they get really hyper!

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter is turning 11 in a week and I would like to do something cheap, but I really want the party to be special for her. What should I do? She is a bit of a tomboy, she also likes girly stuff, but she really hates spas!

    By Julie

    Most Recent Answer

    By CAT_ROCKS02/14/2015

    You should have a costume party, let the girls come as whatever they want so its not to girly or boyish.

    Question: Tween Birthday Party Activities

    My daughter is having her birthday. She is turning 11 next week. She is having some friends over for a sleepover, but we don't have any activities. Please give us some ideas. Thank you.

    By mom101

    Most Recent Answer

    By happy cat02/11/2015

    I think you should do a scavenger hunt and maybe have some friends over and camp in your back yard. In the morning you could go to a pool or beach and get an ice cream.

    Question: Inexpensive 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    I need some cheap party ideas for an 11 year old girl.

    By Aelysia S. from Falmouth

    Most Recent Answer

    By need party ideas for girls? [1]08/01/2013

    How about some dollar store items? Like nail polish and nail stuff if shes into that. Or even buying dough and letting them make a pizza? How about digging in your closet and finding old scarves, hats, jewelry, dresses, shirt, shorts, pants, etc and having a fashion show? (if you dont have that stuff you can go to a friend, or the girls can bring their own. and I'm an eleven year old girl so i should know :)

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter is turning 11 in less than two weeks! It is going to be a three hour party and the theme is sundaes. We think the sundaes and food will take about a hour. Any suggestions on what we should do for the last two hours?

    By Chloe W.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Rose Anne Hutchence [4]03/26/2015

    Why not start with games and other fascinating things? If the weather cooperates, get them outside and running around to work up an appetite? Might be a bit old-fashioned to play tag, hide-n-seek, frisbees or kick the can? Or maybe not? Scavenger hunts can be huge fun, particularly if dollar store prizes (lip gloss, nail polish) are among the rewards.

    Sundaes thereafter, when everyone is worn out from all the fresh air? Sounds great to me! Hope you also enjoy.

    Question: 11th Birthday Ideas

    My daughter is turning 11 in March. She doesn't want a party and says she just wants to spend the day with me, her dad, and 3 yr old brother, she doesn't want to invite friends at all. I have no idea how to celebrate her birthday; she's into everything, I mean everything. Last year my husband and I took her to Kemah Boardwalk as she said she'd like to go there, but I wouldn't want to do the same thing. I want to make this special for her, but I don't know what to do. I don't even know what to get her as a present since Christmas just past and she got the stuff that she wanted: Tomagotchi, science kit, books, and baking stuff.

    By Monica from Houston, TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]01/28/2015

    Why don't you just ask her what she would like to do? Since she is into everything, just about anything should do. You could all take a trip to the zoo, to an amusement park, to see a movie, to see a play that would appeal to both children (Where the Wild Things Are was a recent production here), go tobogganing, go to a wave pool, spend an overnight at a hotel with waterslides, go to a Science center, go to a natural history museum.

    There are many, many things that you can do as a family. The tough part will be to find something that the three year old will enjoy and that will be special for you daughter. If she has no desire to invite friends over, don't make an issue of it.

    As far as presents go, do the same; ask her what she wants. Perhaps she would like some sort of experience for a present like a ski lesson, going to a climbing wall, getting a mani-pedi, going to a special craft class. Or perhaps she would like to do something like make a donation to an animal shelter, and spend an afternoon there playing with the animals.

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter is turning eleven. She has a boyfriend and wants to invite only him! But she doesn't have any ideas on what to do.

    By Kady

    Most Recent Answer

    By marypearce12/22/2014

    Pamper party are great.

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter is turning 11. Her party is in two days. I have no ideas. Help me please

    By Kaylie J

    Most Recent Answer

    By Michelle Cisneros12/07/2014

    Ask your daughter if she is fine with it. Go ahead and invite him if she isn't it is best not to. I hope this helps you.

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My 10 year old girl is uber goth and loves makeup, but she only likes black and gray makeup. She also likes scary stuff and is is not afraid of it. Please help.

    We have tried Witches and Britches, but we read a review saying it was really bad and Dracula's doesn't do kids' parties in Melbourne. I also have a really small house and won't be able to invite many girls, but she would like at least 6 (including her). So please please help!

    By Jen K.

    Most Recent Answer

    By blank09/08/2014

    If you ask me you should book a cheap venue and ask if you can jazz it up with some DIY spooky creatures her friends will have a great time

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter is turning 11 next month and she's not sure what she wants to do because she is very girly and all of her other friends are. However, her best friend is very, very tomboyish and of course she wants her best friend at her party! She wants to do a spa themed party, but as you can see that won't work. What should I do?

    By Lisa08

    Most Recent Answer

    By Grandma J [46]11/19/2013

    I guess it is up to the birthday gal to decide what she wants to do and if a spa, her friends fit it and celebrate it. My granddaughter is a Tommy Girl, but loves to do Girly Girl things too. It is the age.

    Question: 11th Birthday Party

    My daughter is getting confused and she doesn't know what to do because her friends don't all know each other. She is scared that if she invites 2 of her friends that no one really knows that her 2 friends will only want to hangout with her, but she really wants to hangout with everyone.

    One of her friends is older (13) and she thinks that she will just hangout with my daughter's sister (my other daughter). She doesn't know what to do because she doesn't want to be mean to her friends and tell them they can't come cause she wants them at the party.

    By Allison R.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Carol M. [2]09/06/2013

    My friend had my daughter (32) come to her party as a fortune teller. None of the girls knew. She didn't make it scary. She dressed with a cape and a necklace that had a stone around her head dangling from her forehead. I'm sure you can look up some pictures of a fortune teller. All the Mom's were informed. As the girls walked in to the candle lit room she "happened" to know a bit on each girl. She was sure to give them some admiral advice. This was a big hit!

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter is turning 11 on Friday, June 14. She wants a pool party and we don't even have one, neither does our neighbors or friends. Please help!

    By Amy from Cali, LA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandy [5]06/13/2013

    With more advance notice, some school districts rent out their pools. It's kind of late now, but you could try to find a local hotel that has a pool and rent a hotel room and have a pizza party. You probably can't invite too many kids, but a small group would be fun.

    Question: Planning a Girl's 11th Birthday

    My child's birthday is coming up and I don't know what to make the theme because my best friend's daughters' birthday is on the same day and we are chucking a joint party. My best friend said she will leave the planning up to me because she is really busy with work and I am really great at planning birthdays. However, both girls want something different. Maddy wants cowgirls and Heather wants fairies. Both girls will be turning 11; what should I do. Their party is in three weeks and I have not even started planning yet. Help.

    By mc4lifes from Sydney, NSW

    Most Recent Answer

    By yasminw10/23/2014

    Hi get them to wear cowboys costume and put fairy wings on the back and make fairy and cowboys cupcakes but have different cakes; one cowboy and one fairy hope you enjoy. :)

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    Where are good birthday party places for a eleven year old?

    By Candy from Canada

    Most Recent Answer

    By lovergirl07/06/2013

    Well, if you plan on taking her out to a place, I like Mcdonalds, the park, Braums to get ice cream, or maybe a zoo or a skating rink. I hope this answers your question and helps a lot.

    Question: 11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

    I am just looking for some ideas on having a party for a 11 year old girl and we might have a joint party with her brother who will be 14. Any ideas welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.

    By Lisa from England

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ylil05/15/2015

    A joint party will probably be quite hard, so I suggest a party for each of them, in different rooms. for your daughter, maybe a pajama party? Maybe a cupcake, pizza or taco/burrito bar? (this could work for both of your kids).
    Hope this helps!

    Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter will be turning 11 in a week. I haven't sent out invitations or planned. My daughter Lily doesn't have suggestions or ideas either. Please help me.

      By Emma J. [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Abigail A. [9]08/15/2015

      Maybe she doesn't want a party. She might prefer a fine dining/dressup experience, or maybe a present you wouldn't usually spend that much on. Perhaps an overnight trip or weekend if that's feasible.
      Talk to her about options she has that aren't parties.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      My girl is turning 11 in about a week. All the things she wants we can't do because her birthday is on a week day. She really wants to have a sleep over with her best friend.

      By Iesha

      Most Recent Answer

      By izzim3704/12/2015

      I suggest having the sleepover on the weekend before or after.

      Question: Ideas for an 11th Birthday Party

      My daughter is about to turn 11 in a few weeks. She wants a lot of girls, only girls, over but we live in an apartment. I want to have the birthday party outside of home. Any ideas? They would all help! Also I don't want it to be too expensive. She said she wanted about 10-12 friends at the party.

      By Sara S. from Queens, NY

      Most Recent Answer

      By Louise B. [5]02/28/2015

      Will the weather be suitable to have the party in a park? You could do games such as a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt or some sport the girls like. I have taken kids to a pool, and then back to the house for the cake. You might also consider taking them all to a movie, if you have inexpensive matinees.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter's bday is in 2 weeks and I have no plans. She is a tomboy, but she has kinda girly friends. She does like makeup, freestyle dance, spa, arts and crafts, and baking.

      By Cecilia M.

      Most Recent Answer

      By isakovzelove01/25/2015

      My answer is try doing a sack race and then have the girls stay for a sleep over.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I need a few suggestions for an 11 year olds' b-day. We have nothing at all so far except for where it is. Please help.

      By fmcowherd

      Most Recent Answer

      By emsybops01/19/2015

      I think I might now what she might like cause I am turning 11 soon. You could have a sleepover, go to a spa, rent a suite in a hotell or go to dinner. I hope I have helped.

      Question: Ideas for a Girl's 11th Birthday

      She is kinda girly, but her friends are not. She likes fashion, acting, drawing, singing, and talking.

      By C

      Most Recent Answer

      By mattwbusick01/12/2015

      You can have a sleepover. The girls can figure out what they want to do. 

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      My 10 year old is turning 11 next week. I need ideas fast. She likes drawing and technology. She is not a tomboy or girly and she also likes seafood.

      By JP

      Most Recent Answer

      By girl knows all01/26/2015

      Well you could have a sleepover and let the girls have makeovers have some little games. Then order some pizza or let them make something for dinner and watch a movie if its not too much. In the moring just let them do what they want.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ides

      My daughter has a birthday in a month and wants to do a spa party, arts and crafts party, or food party.
      Since it is in February do I need inside ideas?
      Please help me.

      By Annable E

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/04/2015

      Well, you did not provide your location which help for an answer. If you lived in Hawaii, probably not, although it rains alot that month. In Alaska, you would probably need an inside location except for outside sports, etc.

      All of the activities you state seem like inside activities, so have you answered your own question?

      Question: Party Favors for 11th Birthday Party

      My daughter is turning 11 and we are having a DJ come to the house. I need suggestions for party favors for about 30 girls.

      By Ellen

      Most Recent Answer

      By Wendy Robinson F.10/14/2014

      $5 gift cards to a local FroYo joint! (heck you could probably even do $2-that's plenty for a treat!)

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter is turning 11. She wants a baking party, a sleepover party, a cooking party, a spa party, a campfire party, and a hot tub party. But she can't decide. Her birthday is in 1 week; what should I do?

      By Aliah

      Most Recent Answer

      By jpangelinan11/03/2014

      You should do a sleepover party. Every 11 year old girl would love a party that last longer.

      Question: 11th Birthday Theme Ideas

      My daughter will be turning 11 in October. We are in need of some good birthday ideas that we haven't already done. I try to do unique, fun, planned out parties, but am having trouble coming up with something new to do this year. Some previous birthdays include - spa theme, Halloween theme (twice), princess, sleepover, Spongebob, chocolate theme, and music theme.
      She wants something that is unique yet fun. Any ideas?

      By Barbara C

      Most Recent Answer

      By Alexa Martin11/25/2014

      You should go camping! I took my daughter out camping with about 3 friends and she had a blast! Hope I helped ;)

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Game and Activity Ideas

      My daughter is turning 11 soon and we need some ides like games and activities.

      By selena.g20

      Most Recent Answer

      By fmcowherd [1]01/04/2015

      You can do a a scavenger hunt inside or even a treasure hunt if she likes the outdoors. If she likes the indoors, she can do a spa. I really hope this will help you.

      Question: Planning an 11th Birthday Party

      My daughter is turning 11, but her BFF doesn't like the other girls that are invited. Any help?

      By Jenny

      Most Recent Answer

      By Louise B. [5]07/10/2014

      Girls at that age can be into drama. It is also not unusual for them to take the stance "if you are friends with Jane, you can't be friends with me". If this is what is going on with your daughter and her BFF, I'd suggest that you go ahead with the group party as planned, let the chips fall where they may, and if the BFF boycotts the party or causes a scene, your daughter will have learned much about friendship, and how true friends act.

      However, I can see that there might be another scenario. If the other girls who are coming are bullies, for instance, and ostracize or tease or are otherwise mean, if they are the ones who will create the drama, I'd say a change of plans is in order. If your daughter invited the others so that she could be part of the "in crowd", than maybe the party should be canceled, and just your daughter and her BFF could do something special.

      Or perhaps it is not so much that the BFF doesn't like all other girls, but that there is one who is a bully or mean. Perhaps that is the guest who needs to be uninvited. You should investigate the problem - maybe talk to both girls and find out what the issue is. It could very well be a bullying issue, and the BFF could be the bully or could be the victim. The action you take will be different when you figure it out.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Is it appropriate for my daughter who is turning 11 to have a Tinkerbell theme party? She loves Tinkerbell and I am just wondering how I can incorporate it without being like a little kids' party. I have a couple of ideas like singing, or having a dancing contest, or even having them dancing in teams, playing the wii Just Dance game, or games like a pinata. Any other ideas? Please help.

      By Lisa B.

      Most Recent Answer

      By arianna0307/15/2014

      Try a pool party, or a bowling party. But if you'd want it at your house a spa theme would be cool. Hope this helps.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas for Daughter

      My daughter is turning 11 soon. She likes to be adventurous, and also likes music and drama. I have no idea of what to do! She says she wants to have a sleepover, but her friends are not allowed to sleepover. Please help!

      By Mary B. from London, ON

      Most Recent Answer

      By selena.g20 [1]08/06/2014

      You could invite them over and do a scavenger hunt and you could wirite a little play for them to act out.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Activities

      My daughter is turning 11 soon and we were planning on having 11 girls including her. We have figured out everything except the activities.
      Keeping in mind that we are having the party at my house, what should the activities be?

      By Lily

      Most Recent Answer

      By selena.g20 [1]08/06/2014

      You could have a scavenger hunt and you could do there nails hair and make up or let them do each others watch movies and you could get silly string and let them play around in your back yard.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter's birthday is coming on the 6th of December. She is turning 11 years old. We don't need baby games. She loves candies. Can you give me few games to the topic candies.

      By Pooja

      Most Recent Answer


      One of the most fun games we played when my daughter was eleven was charades. The girls had a blast!

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I cannot find any good ideas for my child's eleventh birthday party. She is really mature, but still wants to have fun. Please give me an idea of what I should do!

      By Manny F.

      Most Recent Answer

      By elle [2]10/22/2013

      If she is still into this, maybe rent a place like the y gym and have a dodgeball party? That was her friends can run around and be silly and you don't have to pay by the kid like lots of party rental places.

      Question: Game Ideas for Daughter's 11th Birthday

      I don't know what to do. I already know she wants to do a deal or no deal game with candy, but that's only 1 activity. What other fun games including candy do you think I should do?

      By Stephnie T

      Most Recent Answer

      By jennifer koya [1]01/03/2014

      How about you put all the candy in 1 bowl and get the girls to be blindfolded and pick a candy and have to eat it! Hope this helped.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Shes doesn't want a girly party. In the past we have done the zoo, bowling, soft play area, and Build a Bear. Has anyone got any ideas for a party?

      By Helen P from Cambridgeshire

      Most Recent Answer

      By Robyn [366]08/24/2013

      How about something related to science. Does she like any particular branch of science? Museums can be fun or how about a play?

      Question: 11th Birthday Party

      My daughter is turning 11 and she told me she wants to do a party at a pool. Her birthday is in January, but she likes to plan ahead. I don't know of any places that I can have her birthday party. We live in Redondo Beach, California so it would be nice to have something close.

      By Jenna T.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Carol D. [5]08/17/2013

      Any hotel/motel that has a pool will allow you to rent a room for a party, where the girls can change and you can have the party near the pool.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I'm trying to plan my daughter's birthday party. She's eleven, sort of a tomboy sort of not, any ideas?

      By need party ideas for girls?

      Most Recent Answer

      By Marg [16]08/02/2013

      That brought back a memory. My daughter's party around that age. Most of them turned up (like her) in t shirt and jeans, ready for a scramble through the woods or anything else. Two came in long, posh party frocks.Imagine my horror when I saw them all trailing through the chicken run. Whatever you decide -warn the mums!
      Marg from England.

      Question: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Does anyone have any ideas for an 11 year old girl's party?

      By Lucy S.

      Most Recent Answer

      By jgarcea2307/19/2013

      Some ideas are: sleepover, movies, bonfire, haunted house place, a picnic, spa themed, scavenger hunt.

      Question: 11 Year Old's Birthday Party

      I need some ideas for an 11 year old girl's birthday party?

      By Melinda from Tampa, FL

      Most Recent Answer

      By baanipasrija01/09/2014

      You can get
      - flower headbands
      - flower decorations
      Hope this made you think

      Question: 11th Birthday Ideas

      Where is a fun place to take your 11 year old daughter for her birthday?

      By SC from Deland, FL

      Question: 11th Birthday Ideas

      My daughter is turning 11 on 12 May, but it's SATs week. What can I do for her to make her birthday special without too much distraction from exams?

      By Laura from Liverpool

      Question: Activities for an 11 Year Old Girl's Birthday Party

      What activities can we do at an 11 year old's party?

      By Belama


      Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

      Archive: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I'm turning 11 on April 19th and I'm going to have my party next weekend and I need party ideas soon. I think I am going to have a sleepover but I don't know what to do.


      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Take a couple friends to the skating rink. Stay till 10:00. After you go there stop by blockbuster and get a couple of movies, popcorn and maybe some candy. Then go back to your house and take all your covers and make a super bed for you and your friends. Spend the night with your friends, pigging out on popcorn and watching movies (04/16/2005)

      By jenna

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Have a girl power party and decorate "friendship braclets", watch chick flicks, play model and take pictures after the transformation, why not even stay up, "until the roosters crow." (02/07/2006)

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Maybe a "Hawaiian, Glamour Girl" party. (02/24/2006)

      By Anna

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      i have some ideas! i am also turning 11! here are some ideas that I was going to do:

      Movies, and out for ice cream
      water park (or an amusment park)
      slumber party
      pool party
      go to a craft center and make pots on thw wheel (04/05/2006)

      By Kolleen

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Why dont you do an 80's theme sleepover! Or an 80's Spa Party. Thats what i did! (07/18/2006)

      By Jordy

      Archive: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I am having my 11th birthday on the 29th of March and I am not allowed a sleep-over. My mum wants something cheap and easy. Anyone with any ideas?

      Molly from Wiltshire

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      You might plan to play some music, dance, have pizza, then decorate (pre-baked) cupcakes with an assortment of colored frosting, sprinkles and piping tubes. When done, arrange the cupcakes in a circle, put a candle in each (don't forget to take a picture) and use that as a birthday cake, After you blow out the candles, everyone can eat their own cupcake : ) If you have a digital camera, you can ask your Mom to take a picture of each of the cupcakes and Email them to your guests afterward. (03/23/2007)

      By Doggy

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Have a theme party and have 5 friends dress in pink and watch movies and have fun. Or any color you want, that's what I did. (04/09/2007)

      By shelby

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I am turning 11 on April 29, and I was maybe thinking about going to King's Dominion, open presents, then go to Blockbuster and get a few movies after a vote. Fix some smoothies, and desserts, and for later, eat a dinner of pizza or something. Then eat desserts, fix popcorn and watch movies. Stay up really late doing like makeovers and stuff.(04/15/2007)

      By Lindsey

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Have a costume party. It's really fun, even if it's not Halloween. (09/09/2007)

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      My birthday is in November and I'm having a egg and spoon race party! (10/21/2007)

      By poopoo

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      The best thing I think to do for girls would be to have an Olympic theme, island theme, or a Disney channel games theme. I am doing the Disney channel games theme. Games: have the guests get a name of a Disney character on their back and have them guess who they are. Plus, homemade games are the best. (11/25/2007)

      By Rifka

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I've been to a lot of parties. Most of them are cinema parties, but ice skating is cool and roller discos! In Wales there is a place called llangranog, you can have a sleepover over there. That's fab I think! (01/16/2008)

      By Amyy.

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I think you could maybe go swimming. It is quite cheap and fun, but only if you know how to swim of course! :) (02/09/2008)

      By P.Baybii

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Hi guys. I live in Puerto Rico so it's hot there year round and my birthday is on May 6. I was thinking about going to the mall, watch a movie with a few friends then go to a restaurant, then have a major slumber party at my house. Maybe the next day go to Dorado Beach and play games in the water and maybe play stranded, which is when we pretend we all fell off a ship and we're deserted on a tropical island which we're on. And we have to survive, by making a pretend fire, hunt, and other things you will need to do to survive. So what do you think? (04/27/2008)

      By Nicole

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I am turning 11 too and have the exact problem as you. My mom does not want a sleepover. So what I am doing is buying beads from the dollar store with thick holes. My friends and I will be putting beads on our hair and it will be fun, and I am buying board games. (06/19/2008)

      By sarah

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I am turning 11 and here is what I am doing:
    1. Going To The Cinema
    2. Having A Spa Party
    3. Having A Sleepover
    4. Going To Eat At A Fancy Restaurant
    5. Going Out For Ice-Cream
    6. Then I am opening all my presents. (07/04/2008)

      By Melissa

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Well I rented a few movies, had some friends over and had a sleepover. Also I once did a party where we made houses (cardboard boxes) and clothes (just little pieces of cloth) for pumpkins (miniature pumpkins). It was really fun and every one had a great time. You can get pumpkins at Safeway, Scolaries and lots of other places. (09/10/2008)

      By kiwi

      11th Birthday Party Ideas

      You could have a chocolate party where everything is chocolate, like cakes and swiss rolls. (09/28/2008)

      By Emma

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      You should have a back yard camp out. That would be very fun in my opinion. Not lots of people do that so it's original. (10/13/2008)

      By Pa'Trisha

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas!

      For my birthday I had a Hawaiian themed birthday! I decorated it a day before instead of having to rush. I got some flowers from a cheap store and put them in a box with string and scissors, then I put them in the corner of my room. After that I got all the covers and put them in a pile facing the TV in my bedroom. Afterward I got candy, popcorn, an awesome load of silly string, and crisps and some dips.

      Then, I went to the local video store and got Mean Girls and decorated my room. I got a limbo, balloons, a pinata and much more. When my girlfriends arrived, I got their stuff in the room and headed out the back, where I surprised them with an awesome tent and snacks. We spent the night in the tent and then made necklaces with the flowers I bought! IT WAS GREAT! (10/13/2008)

      By UK Princess

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      You could go to the movies then out for ice cream, then rent a movie and have a pajama fashion show. It is so much fun! (10/25/2008)

      RE: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      Thanks Jemma. That's a great idea, I love it! (12/21/2008)

      By Chantelle

      Archive: 11th Birthday Party Ideas

      I am having a birthday party at our home for my 11 yr. old son next week. I need fun ideas please. We are having a pinata but other than that I don't know what to do with 6 boys and 2 girls. Thank you very much!

      Tammy from TN