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Easy Ice Cream Cake - Elegant Yummy Treat

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For an elegant and yummy treat take a square pan and frost the inside with thawed Cool Whip. Unwrap rectangular chocolate cookie ice cream sandwiches and lay side by side to fill pan (you may have to cut a few to fit the sides), top these with a fudge sauce, another layer of Cool Whip with nuts or sliced maraschino cherries if desired.

Make a second layer of the ice cream sandwiches and end with cool whip on top sprinkled with nuts if you choose. Cover with plastic wrap and then foil and refreeze till time to serve.

Cut pieces of this cake and serve. Pretty and yummy:) If making as a treat to give away you can make it in an aluminum square pan.

By Melanie



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By Ann P. Emond (Guest Post)02/01/2005

I have made this many time with van. i.c. sand and chopped candy bars,m&m's, choc. bits,caramel syrup, etc.Rave reviews from all. A friend who never bakes made it and was accused of trying to pass off 'Carvel' as home-made!

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