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Candle Wax On Durasuede Couch

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I need HELP. I got candle wax on my sofa and need to know how to get it out! My sofa is called durasuede,it's like suede. I don't know exactly what that means but that is what they said it was called. Anyway, it is a new sofa and my little girl blew out a candle and got wax on it!




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By Guest (Guest Post)10/19/2008

Thanks for the tips - just bought a new couch and managed to spill candle wax down it. After scraping of the lumps, I gently ironed through a dry tea towel and the residue disappeared!

By Jeremy (Guest Post)08/27/2008

Last night we had a dog knock a candle over and wax was ALL over our couch. We actually tried a combination of the hair dryer, the boiling water, and the corn starch. We used the hair dryer to soften the wax then immediately blotted it with the rag that had been dipped in boiling water (you might want some of those silicon baking mitts). We air dried it and repeated the boiling water trick several times. When it looked like all of the wax was gone, we put the corn starch on overnight to soak up the oily stuff. When I vacuumed it up this morning it looked perfect.

By Darren (Guest Post)07/30/2005

I got wax off our duraswuede couch using boiling water in a towel. Pour water from a kettle on a towel and blot, after a few time doing this the wax has melted away and gone.

By Sarah Lopez (Guest Post)12/23/2004

I did the same thing( spilled wax on my durosuede couch) and had a professional cleaner come out. It looks worse than before. I'm going to try the brown paper bag bit tonight.... I need help too!

By mara (Guest Post)11/17/2004

Try a hair dryer! Have a towel or stack of paper towels handy or just put one on the stain stained area and BLOT as you go. You may need to do this several times. When all the wax is gone and it is just a stain, try putting corn starch on it to soak up the grease part. Do wait until the stain is DRY. Then after BLOTTING, vacum or brush lightly.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]11/16/2004

Who manufactured the couch? If you know the brand, they may have a cleaning FAQ on their website. You could also try calling their customer service. Candle wax is a fairly common spill and sometimes furniture website will have usefull information for common stains on particular types of fabric.

By Heather (Guest Post)11/16/2004

You will need an old towel and your iron. Just set the temp to med high and lay the towel over the wax. Heat the towel with the iron and the wax will transfer to the towel. You may need a soft bristled brush to get the excess off, but this should do the trick. There will probably always be a stain there, I am not sure what to do about that:(

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