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Cleaning Cat Spray

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Striped kitten with red collar.

The odor of cat spray can be tough to get rid of. Properly removing the odor can also help prevent recurrences. This is a guide about cleaning cat spray.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Cat Spray.

Question: Cleaning Cat Spray Odor Off House

My cat is spraying on my front porch and along the side of the house. (I think to mark their territory) and the smell is making me sick. Does anyone have any suggestions to get rid of this smell?


Most Recent Answer

By emch (Guest Post)11/25/2008

I have a neighbor cat that uses my front yard close to the door as a potty area. How can I stop this cat from using my yard?

Question: Removing Cat Spray Odor from Sneakers

How do you remove cat spray odor from sneakers?

By History Buff from Grahamsville, NY


Most Recent Answer

By Paula Jo C. [7]07/11/2009

We have had cats for years so I know what you are referring to here. I would suggest going to your nearest Pet Store (or perhaps even your cat's Vet office) and purchase what is made for this very thing.

Just tell the store clerk or the vets office what you are trying to do and they can and will help you. Please do not ever rub an animals nose in the mess that they have made AS this ruins their sense of smell permanently.

Your pet is your companion, treat it as you yourself would like to be treated. Our 5 cats are our furry children now that the children are married and moved away.

Please make an appointment with your vet to have your cat spade or neutered. This will help with them with marking off their territory by spraying. Your cat is just marking your shoes (or you or your smell) by spraying on them so others will know to stay away.

Let us know how "this" turns out for you both; we are after all "your on line family" and we do care for one another in what happens OR at least I do. Good Luck to you and your furry child both!

Question: Removing Cat Spray Odor Inside the House

We went on holiday, putting our cat in the cattery but forgetting to lock the cat flap. A tom cat has been in the living room and sprayed it. Yuck! We've had some success with warm water and white vinegar, but does anyone have any other ideas, please? We'd be very grateful.

By Susan

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [5]06/07/2011

Vodka in a spray bottle and reapply as necessary.

Question: Removing Cat Spray Odor from Carpet

What is the best solution for cat spray odor in carpet?


Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/16/2012

Try the Natures Miracle enzyme product. I use it all the time.

Question: Cat Spray Under My House

A cat has gotten under my house and sprayed. I don't have a cat.
The odor is awful in my kitchen and living room. How do I get rid
of the smell?

Most Recent Answer

By Francia F.04/04/2014

Oooops, just rubbed my poor cats nose in his spray and I just read to not do that because messes up their smell senses. It was the first time I won't be doing that again. Sorry (Peanut) but the cat spray odor is driving me crazy.

Question: Removing the Smell of Cat Spray from a Computer Bag

My cat has sprayed my computer bag that was by the front door. How do I remove the smell?

By D. Jeanette

Most Recent Answer

By jean99 [6]07/08/2012

The only way to get rid of the smell for good is with bio-remediation, that is letting the correct bacteria eat the organic matter sprayed by the cat. Make sure that whatever product you use has live bacterial spores. I use a product from Winsol Labs but you only need a small amount so Natures Miracle would work.

Any bacterial product made for septic systems like Ridex will work. Rid ex comes in liquid form but since you need so little of it I would recommend the powder. Mix about a teaspoon of the powder with enough water to cover the sprayed area, or cover one whole side of the computer bag at a time.

Make sure the area stays moist for at least two days to give the bacteria enough time to work. You can put the liquid on and cover with a plastic bag. To find where the cat sprayed, look at the bag in the dark with an ultraviolet light. You can also use products for cleaning sink drains as long as they work by using live bacteria.

Question: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

I have a female cat and a male dog and had recently signed up to watch my sister's cat for a week. I have since found out that she had never gotten him neutered, so with that being said in the course of a few days her cat has covered my place with his spray which is a very acidic odor.

I have no idea where he had sprayed or how may times, but I'm desperate to get that smell out. So my question today would have to be, which is the best way to deodorize my place and free myself from the strong scent of cat spray?

By Britney from Edmonton, AB

Most Recent Answer

By Danielle08/16/2010

My cat just started spraying like two days ago, he has a vet appt on Friday. He only sprays in one spot by the front door. I literally just used baking soda and hydrogen peroxide an hour ago, and the smell is gone! I also used the lemon idea to see if it will get him to stop spraying in that area. But hydrogen peroxide with baking soda is the cheapest and most effective thing I have found to work.

Question: Getting Cat Spray Out of Carpets

How can I get old cat spray out of my rug? It's a big rug for the middle of the floor.

By Linda

Most Recent Answer

By kittkat [4]12/07/2014

Hydrogen peroxide works wonders. Be sure to test on a small area first, then spray straight peroxide onto carpet to saturate. Let it dry patient! The odor won't disappear until it's completely dry. Stronger odors may take a second dose but I've used this method for years and it's never let me down. It doesn't leave a perfumy smell behind either like the expensive products you buy in the shops, no odor whatsoever.

Question: Removing Cat Spray from Vinyl Siding

What can I use to remove cat spray from vinyl siding? What can I do to have it not happen again?


Most Recent Answer

By jean99 [6]11/09/2014

Cat spray can be washed from vinyl siding with just soap and water. When cat spray is on fabric or wood you need to use a bio-remediation product like rid-ex or similar product containing bacteria that eats the organic matter contained in the cat spray, turning it into carbon dioxide and water. See my prior posts on this issue. I have several posts on cat and dog urine removal. Let us know if simply washing the vinyl siding worked for you.

Question: Removing Cat Spray from Human Hair

My cat sprayed my hair last night while I slept. I see solutions for everything but this. And yes I know, he needs to be neutered, he has an appointment next week already.

By Nelwyn

Most Recent Answer

By just jen09/06/2013

I've never tried this, but I do rely on white vinegar to get all sorts of smells out of things - cat pee from a jacket, skunk from a dog so you might have some luck.. couldn't hurt!

Question: Removing Cat Spray Odor from Carpet

A stray tom cat got into our house and marked it with cat spray. How do I rid my carpets of the odor?

By cork

Most Recent Answer

By gwynn11/18/2013

I discovered this recipe for getting cat spray out of carpets, furniture and even hard surfaces. It really works for me. 1st mix 1 cup water to 1 cup white vinegar. Find the area of spray with the black light method, or your nose. Wet rag with vinegar water mixture and keep pushing mixture into smelly spot. Once saturated blot with a dry clean cloth. Next sprinkle baking soda over the area.

Next, get an empty spray bottle and mix 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide to 1/4 teaspoon dawn dishwashing soap. Spray over backing soda. Once the baking soda is dry vacuum off. Make sure it is dry. I hope this works for you as well as it has worked for me.

Question: Cleaning Cat Spray Off Cat and Porch

My 8 month old neutered cat just sprayed all over his own underbelly, tail, and the wooden porch in response to the presence of a tom cat! He is usually just inside and wants in, but there is no way at this point. He is smelly and you can smell it in the kitchen as the door comes into the kitchen area. He is very fiesty and it will be dangerious to try and bathe him. Any ideas?

By Colleen

Question: Cleaning Cat Spray

tabby cat on brick walkI created a very comfortable and warm shelter for my 3 ferals. They lived there for almost 3 years. Last winter, another feral from the neighborhood tried to seek shelter there and there was a fight, the feral sprayed in the houses and my ferals sought out new shelter. I've tried cleaning the houses and surrounding areas with a solution I found online called "Anti-ikky poo", I sprayed the houses thoroughly, changed the straw, cleaned the heated beds, and changed the vinyl flap doors, all to no avail. They still won't go in there! I have to do something for them before the winter, but don't know if I should buy new houses, or relocate my existing ones. I don't know how to resolve this problem. What should I do? cat next to driveway

By Alexandra

Question: Removing Odor from Cat Spray on Electronics

How do I remove the smell from cat spray on an Xbox 360? I've been rubbing it with multi action cleaner for about an hour, but with no result.

By D. Jones

Question: Removing Cat Spray Odor from Clothing

How do I remove cat spray from clothing?

By Grace D. from Picayune, MS

Question: Cat Spraying on Wood Floors

My young male cat has obviously used this area before and I just found where. I was wondering what kind of solution is there for wooden floors? Any advice will help and I'd be very appreciative! Thank you!

By S.C

Question: Removing Cat Spray Odor from Paper

How do I remove cat spray odor from papers?

By Joyce F

Question: Getting Rid of Cat Spray Odor on Carpet

HELP ME PLEASE. I just discovered that a neighborhood cat has been spraying in my cellar window onto my carpet. OMG, the smell is enough to gag you. What can I do to get the pee out of the carpet? I have closed the window, so he won't be able to continue to do it. Any help you can give me I thank you for already.

Solutions: Cleaning Cat Spray

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Archive: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

My male cat sprays and it smells bad in my house. Can anyone help me take the smell out of my house?

Thank You,
Joanne from Kingston, PA

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

HI have 5 indoor cats and know your problem. The first thing to do, is clean it as soon as it happens, if possible.

I read different things on here about using white vinegar and water to take the smell out. If it is on clothes or that kind of thing use the vinegar in your wash. I have used a product called "Out" from Walmart. This is cheap and works wonders for urine, feces and vomit. Many others on here have posted about it and seem to have luck with it as well.

Another thing is finding the urine, if you are not sure where it is, use a blacklight. Cat urine glows under it.

I hope that this helps! (03/13/2006)

By katieandjeffy

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

I live on a farm and often get stray males spraying on and around my home. We have an enclosed porch that they seem to find a way in and spray. I usually can't find the spot where they spray so this is what I do.

First I make a mix of peroxide and baking soda. It will be foamy. The vet said don't use vinegar because it smells similar to the urine and it will encourage them to go there again.

Anyhow, I make this in a big will foam up and if not in a big bowl you will end up with it on your counter. I pour this mixture directly on the concrete floor, and also put some in a spray bottle. I spray where the smell is the strongest and it takes the smell away. This will take a few days to completely rid it but does work. (03/15/2006)

By melfrmNY

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

Hey, I was reading through here and thought i'd offer up my opinion.

For cleaning urine, hydrogen peroxide and water is amazing. For floors and whatnot, let it set; for carpets rub it in and wash away with warm water after it has dried.

For clothes, however, I find that putting some white vinegar (as mentioned before) in the wash works quite well.

As for preventing them going in the same place again, replace some of your every day cleaners with something lemon scented. Cats don't like citrus scents (especially lemon) and prevents them from going in that area. Also, lemon air freshening sprays are good to knock out a whole room. I, personally, use lemon mopping liquid, and sprinkle lemon scented powder on my carpets before vacuuming. The house smells wonderful.

Also, cut out an ammonia from your cleaning rituals. There is ammonia in cat urine, and so the smell is familiar. It encourages, rather than discourages, the cat.

I hope these tips help. (05/11/2006)

By Anna

Archive: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

My room smells like cat spray, not pee, spray. I don't know where it's coming from. The people who lived here before me must have had a cat. What do I do?

Ana from Toronto, ON

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

Do you have carpet? You may have to clean/treat it or get rid of it! (12/05/2006)

By pamphyila

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

Go to a pet store, they have products there that will handle this problem. Good Luck to you (12/05/2006)

By Paula Jo Carr, Mebane NC USA

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

Soak citrus peels in vinegar and spray it around the room. The vinegar neutralizes and the citrus scent keeps the cats from going there again. It also smells good!

You can also leave a bowl of vinegar (with or without citrus peels) in a room to freshen the air.

Sprinkling baking soda around and vacuuming it up after an hour or so also helps freshen the air in the room. You can do the same thing with dry tea leaves. (12/12/2006)

By Cantate

Archive: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

A feral male cat entered my house and has sprayed everywhere. I tried to eliminate the odor with a pet odor removal product today and it did not help. This happened today and I can't see where he has sprayed.

Clare from Cameron, OK

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

I have six indoor cats so I know about this problem. If the urine is in the carpet, I use white vinegar in my carpet steam machine. It takes it right out and the smell is gone.

If the cat sprayed on a wall, then use straight peroxide. Leave it on for a few seconds and then wipe. Continue to do this until the smell is gone.

If perhaps you see a cat pee, use baking soda, pour it on the pee and it will absorb it. Wait a few seconds and then pour peroxide on the spot. It will suds up. Wipe and use more if needed. (02/19/2009)

By Tammy

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

Cheap vodka in a spray bottle works like a charm. Blot up as much as you can then saturate the area with the vodka and let it dry. It might take a couple doses but I guarantee it will work. Then if you get a whiff after a few weeks/months, douse it again. (02/19/2009)

By Beth

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

You can get a black light bulb from Walmart or your grocery store. Put it in a small (or at least portable) lamp and shine it in the room where the cat has sprayed. You'll be able to tell where. I use something called Natural Formula (or something like that) from the pet store. It's an enzyme cleanser. Doesn't work great, but helps. (02/19/2009)

By tennesue

RE: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

There is a product that is not expensive and works called Puddle Out. The pet shelters here in Ohio use it and advise its use as a cleaner and deodorizer; you can order it through an ebay store called or go to the website for Puddle Out directly ( Good luck, cat pee smells terrible. (03/16/2009)

By wodehousereader

Archive: Cat Spray Odor Inside My House

What can I use to get the smell of cat spray out of my house? And how do I find where it is?


Archive: Getting Rid of Cat Spray Odor on Carpet

Help me please. I just discovered that a neighborhood cat has been spraying in my cellar window onto my carpet. The smell is enough to gag you. What can I do to get the pee out of the carpet? I have closed the window, so he won't be able to continue to do it. Any help you can give me I thank you for already.