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Use Cobweb Catcher to Clean Behind Toilet

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Since I blow my hair dry in the bathroom after every shower my floor becomes disgusting in a short time. I used to hate getting on my hands and knees to clean behind the toilet and my pedestal sink. Recently, I realized my telescoping cobweb catcher does an excellent job of dusting behind those fixtures without the drudgery of kneeling. I then can use my Swiffer to finish the job. It is now a two minute job and I don't dread cleaning nearly as much!

By Susan from Elkhart, IN


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By SHARON04/24/2011

I pin a microfiber rag over my broom to clean behind and around the fixtures and floor in the bathroom. The broom goes where no brushes or dusters can get to. No bending, no standing on your head to reach. Put the cloth into the washer but not the dryer.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]06/18/2010

I like any tip that helps us less-mobile folk not have to kneel to keep things clean, lol!

By Julie06/17/2010

A cobweb catcher looks like a spherical brush on a telescoping pole. One brand name is Webster.

By Maryeileen [76]06/17/2010

I'd like to know, too. I remember when we were little my Mom using something to clean in the corners of our living room, and I wonder if they're the same thing.

By Carolyn C. Cooke [18]06/17/2010

What is a cobweb catcher? Cay from FL

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