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Chafing Cream as Makeup Primer

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Women, you all know how expensive the primers that you put on prior to makeup application to help makeup "stick" better are. The upscale primers can be bought for about $60. Even the cheaper ones will go for $15. I've found that you can use Monistat chafing relief - yes, Monistat! You can get it at Walmart for $6 and it's a huge tube. Just apply before you put on makeup, and it will absorb any oil throughout the day and fill in those little pesky wrinkles so makeup doesn't settle in and make you look old. It's better than any primer I've bought at a department store. Just look in the female personal hygiene aisle. Do not mistakenly get Monistat cream for infections, the product you need is Monistat chafing gel. Let me know how you like it!

By amydawn1977 from Fort Smith, AR


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By susan [33]01/09/2011

I buy this at Walmart for about $3/tube, it lasts for months and makes my makeup last all day and it even becomes waterproof so my oily skin and tendency to sweat doesn't bother it at all. Its primary Active Ingredient: Dimethicone 1.2%. My tube of makeup has lasted over twice as long also so at about $10-$15/tube it makes a big difference in my budget. Wish I'd found out a long time ago!

By Emily01/07/2011

I am a runner and use a product called "body glide" that is for chafing. I am going to give it a shot as a primer, as it must be similar to the monistat product.

By Mary LaCaze [22]01/06/2011

I've never heard of the product, but will go look for it and give it a try, how unique! I love it when there's something like that, more affordable, and does the same. Thanks for sharing! (Especially today, as I was just a few minutes ago looking at my makeup settled into fine lines, ick...)

By Suzanne Bergholz [2]01/06/2011

I love your idea. I wonder if other anti-chafing products would work also?

By Julia in UK [6]01/06/2011

What a great idea. Now I need to find an equivalent that is available in the UK, does anyone have any ideas?

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