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Recipes To Use Up Eggs

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My chickens and ducks are laying in triple overdrive. Normally I can make noodles and angel food cake to use up the extras, but I have at least 3 hens who are laying twice a day. The family is getting tired of omelets, deviled eggs, egg salad, and egg based casseroles. I need some new recipes that use LOTS of eggs. Any ideas?

Please don't tell me to give them away or sell--I have been! I still have had about 18 extra eggs a day for the last few days.

April from NW Missouri



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By Lauren04/19/2009

Let your kids experiment. The eggs won't be wasted because you can make them eat whatever they make. Also, you can cook some food for meals on wheels or some organization like that. It will make a big difference for someone else.

By lavonneann [6]04/19/2009

I take a few slices of bacon, brown and crumble into fairly large pieces. Break bread into a bowl and add some eggs with a tiny bit of milk, mix pretty well but not till mush, add egg mixture to pan with bacon and cook until done.
We call thee poor mans eggs and it is a favorite meal of all 4 of my kids plus now the grandkids also like it.
I usually plan about 2 slices of bread and 2 eggs for each but no matter how much I make it disappears.

By Cathy from Townsville, QLD (Guest Post)01/20/2009

Quiches, mousses and meringues (for yolks and whites alternatively), and ice creams (yolks). You could always make a few dollars and sell the extras?

By maddrussian (Guest Post)12/05/2008

April from NW Missouri email me and I have tons of egg recipes on my computer and I will send them to you.
Madd Russian
rus_mad AT

RE: Recipes To Use Up Eggs

By Mindy (Guest Post)10/30/2008

Creme Brulee uses a lot of egg yolks, and it is a great dessert!

By carol [23]10/14/2008

Hi April,

Gosh, I sure do wish I lived near you as I would be more than happy to take some off of your hands. I live in Mass. and boy, oh boy are they ever expensive. How about making an angel food cake with the whites & then you could freeze the yolks. Good luck.

By badwater [242]10/12/2008

Bake items to sell at your local Farmers Market.

By badwater [242]10/12/2008

if your area has a local barter board, place a post on it saying you'll trade your extra eggs for something someone else has extra of. Trade with them. On our list, recently 2 gals traded, one traded her extra egg cartons for the other gal's fresh eggs. Good luck!

By Marg (Guest Post)10/10/2008

I would pickle some. I also remember my mother preserving eggs in water glass if that is still available.

By Marg (Guest Post)10/10/2008

I would pickle some. I also remember my mother preserving eggs in water glass if that is still available.

By no name today (Guest Post)10/09/2008

My pizzelle cookie recipe calls for 12 eggs. I've made them with flavoring of, maple, almond, blueberry, orange, lemon, anise, chocolate (with cocoa and extra sugar), and vanilla. I make the batch with the 12 eggs and flavor just a portion of it at a time. I taste the first one to judge if it needs more flavor. They could be frozen for Christmas.

By Kathy Klahn [3]10/09/2008

Buttery pound cake, one recipe i saw called for eight eggs for one loaf!!! Then you can freeze the cake in slices only taking out what you need for one dessert. Also Hollandaise sauce uses a lot of egg yolks and tastes wonderful on veggies and Eggs Benedict.(more eggs) Quiche also uses a lot of eggs and freezes well. again cut into serving sizes before freezing for convenience. I sure wish I had your "problem". The price of eggs keeps going up and up and up! I would be glad to help you out!

By Mama Sage (Guest Post)10/08/2008

I was going to suggest the freezing. Works fine. Have done it.

My other suggestion is to check out the food bank or soup kitchen near you. I can't see them turning down food. If all else fails, call the church. They will find a home for those eggs.

By (Guest Post)10/08/2008

Make meatloaf or meatballs and add 2-3 eggs with cracker crumbs and seasonings. When you fry or bake chicken, first dip in eggs and roll in crumb topping. Make bread or rice pudding pudding. I sure wish I lived by you!


Here's a link about freezing eggs:

By KL [3]10/07/2008

We love DUTCH BABIES. They are sorta like a big puffy topped popover with a crepe like bottom. We have them for Sunday breakfast or even for dinner occasionally. Served with fruit or jam, butter & powdered sugar & lemon juice, syrups...some people eat them with meat/veggie mix in the middle. We usually make a 4 egg version for 2 generous portions or 5-6 eggs for 3 people.

Here is one recipe with pictures and good instructions:

This recipes shows a breakdown of various different sizes:,1718,156188-227207,00.html

They generally are in the proportions of:
per one egg
quarter cup milk
quarter cup flour
butter for pan

Choosing the right pan is key and greasing it well so it won't stick. And don't open the oven door for the first 10-15 minutes.

By Cyinda [214]10/07/2008

In our area they ask gardeners to "grow an extra row" for the food banks. They also ask stores to give their extra produce & "day old" food to the food banks for the needy. I'm wondering if your local food bank will also take eggs? These days, with the government cutting back more & there being more needy than ever, every little bit helps!

Also, I bet there's Health Food stores in your area that would be happy to sell some of your fresh eggs for you. I don't know about any laws governing perishables such as eggs, but it wouldn't hurt to call & ask.

---> Way back, I heard a funny story on TV. There was this lady who constantly fought with her husband so she decided to legally kill him (with a heart attack) by constantly feeding him eggs & egg yolks in EVERYTHING he ate, breakfast, lunch & dinner. (This was back in the big "cholesterol" scare of the 1980's) She did this for months on end, & was very disappointed when he only got healthier & healthier & NO heart attack! I know, it's not very funny in the retelling, but I got a kick out of it.

By RM (Guest Post)10/07/2008

I read this in a book recently: To save excess eggs, crack one egg into each cube compartment of an ice tray. Freeze. When completely frozen, pop frozen eggs into a plastic bag and store in freezer. When a recipe calls for an egg, take one out, thaw, and use.

By Kim [1]10/07/2008

How about meringue? It's easy to make, just egg whites and sugar. I don't have any specific recipes, but lemon meringue pie if one of my favorites (and will work with pudding mixes in you don't want to make the custard by hand)... or meringue cookies, flavored with a little bit of whatever flavor extract you like.

Of course, that would mean you'd have to find a use for the yolks... but they can be frozen, mixed with a little big of salt or sugar so they don't harden too much, and used in recipes.

By joan pecsek [88]10/07/2008

Sponge cakes use a lot of eggs. You can also freeze eggs. Break the eggs in a bowl, stir, pour into a container, cover and freeze. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are coming up, they will come in handy -- especially for eggnog! Be sure to label the containers with the number of eggs in each one.

By Julie [49]10/07/2008

Why not stick out a sign that says eggs for sale, to get rid of what you have to manyof for extra money made and they will sell.

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