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White Spot on Antique Table from a Hot Cup Coffee

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I have an antique coffee table and have a big white spot on it from a cup of hot coffee. I tried rubbing it with mayonnaise but it's still there. Can you help?

Thank You,
Sheila from Brownstown, MI


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By Arlene (Guest Post)09/06/2007

Thanks to all for great suggestions. If one works better, I'll let you know.

By Mary (Guest Post)01/02/2006

The reason for the white stain is that your table top is likely a veneer of some sort (even though the table is probably made out of solid wood). The heat from the hot cup or dish has drawn out moisture and caused the veneer to separate somewhat from the surface underneath. I had a dining room table heavily marred by white spots and I found the greatest thing. It's called the Krazy Kloth, available at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The oil in this cloth reconditions the wood. The mayonnaise trick mentioned works a little, but not as well as the Krazy Kloth. You can leave the mayonnaise on for quite a while, the longer the better. Rub it in well. But mayonnaise has a nasty, nasty smell and the Krazy Kloth works for lots of other household chores as well! Don't know about the cigarette ashes. They stink too, though. Good luck!

By Carol (Guest Post)12/20/2005

I have not experience with this type stain, but I would try scratch cover. I love scratch cover. You can find it in stores near the Old English furniture polish... Best of luck.

By linda [57]12/19/2005

The previous reply I have heard about ashes, too. But also I have heard of mayonaisse, let it set over night on the stain and have heard it several times on the web. Did you let it set overnight?

By Betsy. (Guest Post)12/19/2005

Hi, I can really sympahtize with you on this. I've saved two gorgeous tables that were marred by the careless placement of a hot dish on top of the table. It will take lots of patience and elbow grease but will eventually work. First take some cold cigarette ashes and rub the white spot on the table. Repeat application. Don't know why it works, but it does.

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