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Dog Hiding From Her New Puppies

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My female Pit Bull just gave birth to 4 puppies about 4 days ago. She is acting really weird. She leaves the puppies and tries to hide underneath the mother-in-law house out back. She has never done this before. She is very good about not leaving her yard or even venturing around out that way. Do dogs have post partum depression? Is this common for her to leave her puppies and hide for hours?

By Chrissy from Jacksonville, FL


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By Cricket [201]03/03/2011

Every once in a while a dog will "hide from" or otherwise not take care of her new litter. There are as many reasons for this as there are occurences of it. I would definitely have her and the pups checked by the vet.

If she continues to stay away from them you may need to feed them yourself. LOL Have fun! It sounds so much easier than it is! But it is not impossible. You simply need to get some puppy bottles with extra nipples and some puppy milk. You can check places like PetSmart or ask your vet where to get them. And you will need to be diligent on keeping to a schedule with the feedings. Every 2 hours till they are a couple of weeks old, then you can space it out to every 3 hours, then 4, etc. Your vet will advise you on the schedule.

Bottle feeding puppies can be extremely frustrating, as it's not natural for them so they don't take to it easily. But it is also a very rewarding experience too.

In addition to feeding them, you will also have to assist them in relieving themselves till their systems develop enough to do it on their own. Puppies aren't like babies and aren't born able to push the stool out of themselves. Mama has to help, and if the mother dog isn't doing it, then you have to. Again the vet will tell you how. It's not hard. Simply involves massaging them properly till it is expelled.

You're in for a few long weeks but you'll be rewarded with some loving puppies. Good luck!

By Marcie [4]09/11/2010

Hope you work this out and it all turns out well. But, please have your female dog spayed. There are waaaay too many dogs who need home. Plus, this lady seems unsuited to being a mother dog.

By cybergrannie [30]09/09/2010

Hi, I do not know what to tell you as vet bills can be so high and money may be needed in other areas. Try calling a vet or talk to someone at your local Humane Society and see if they can tell you anything or maybe recommend a vet that will help. You can also go on line to places like "Ask a vet" and many times find answers from a vet in those areas.

Be sure to check the mommy and pups for anything that looks like it could be causing a problem. Nursing food will help produce more milk but 4 pups are not usually a problem with feeding. Above all do not wait too long to find a solution as pups are fragile at that age.
Good luck and I hope things work out well.

By Lizzyanny [9]09/08/2010

Check the puppies little claws. Sometimes they can be sharp and make the Moms sore. I would be inclined to have her checked out by a vet, it would be a shame to have anything happen to Mom or the pups. Good luck.

By Julia [136]09/07/2010

Mama doggies will often do this if their bodies are not producing sufficient milk to feed the pups. Try getting her the special food for nursing dogs and see it that helps. It might have something to do with her age too.

Wishing you the best. Bless them...they don't know how to tell us what's wrong, so they do their best to show us. You might check her to see if she has any sore spots on her belly too. Call your vet and see what they have to say about it.


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