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Removing Soap Scum from Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

Soap film can be difficult to remove from bathroom and kitchen tiles. This guide is about removing soap scum from ceramic tile.


Solutions: Removing Soap Scum from Ceramic Tile

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Tip: Oven Cleaner for Soap Scum

We have used Easy Off Fume Free over cleaner (for cold ovens, no heat required) to clean years of soap scum and hard water build up off showers and tubs, both fiberglass and tile. Spray it on, leave it a couple hours and then power wash off or scrub with sponge. It comes off easily and leaves bright shine.

By Kathy from Corpus Christi, TX

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Here are questions related to Removing Soap Scum from Ceramic Tile.

Question: Removing Soap Scum From Ceramic Tiles

I have recently moved to a house that was built in the 40's and it has black ceramic tile in the shower and bath. They are lovely, but the ones in the shower have either hard water stains or soap scum. I have already used kaboom and a few other products with no effect. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jen Vin from Managua, Nicaragua

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Most Recent Answer

By Venus (Guest Post) 02/13/2008 Flag

Use rubbing alcohol, its the best. When clean, coat the tiles with some spray furniture polish.

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Question: Removing Soap Scum from Tiles

My bathroom consists of ceramic tiles on all the walls. Due to years of use of hard water with soap and detergents the tiles are dull with a coating that is hard to remove even after scrubbing. How can I get them back to their original shiny ceramic surface?

Can anyone suggest a solution to my problem by using materials that are available in an Indian market. I shall be thankful to them who can solve my problem.

By Manjunath P.

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By Perla 18 07/05/2011 Flag

CLR is poison. Just check the label. You have to wear gloves while using that stuff! I'd go with just plain vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle, spray it on, let it soak in, spray again, wait for half an hour, then scrub with a stiff brush (plastic or natural bristles). You may need to re-apply several times, but it does do wonders. Once it's cleaned, keep a spray bottle of vinegar in the shower. Spray the shower tiles once your shower is done. You"ll never need to scrub again! Good luck!

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Question: Soap Scum on Tiles

How do I clean scum off of bathroom subway tile?

Marlene from Upper Jay, NY

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By Janette 91 153 02/25/2009 Flag

I used low odor oven cleaner. It worked great. ~Janette~

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Question: Removing Soap Scum on Tile Shower Walls

How do you remove severe soap scum from shower tiles without having to scrub?

By Ali S

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