Deodorizing Your Home

Woman Deodorizing in Her Home

Cooking, pets, and other activities in your home result in odors that can linger and leave it smelling anything but fresh and pleasant. This is a guide about deodorizing your home.


Solutions: Deodorizing Your Home

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Tip: Use Matches for Room Deodorizing

Strike 3 or 4 wooden kitchen matches. Make sure they are fully alight, then blow them out and wave the smoking match sticks around the room until they stop smoking. It removes (not covers up) all kinds of odors, from damp dog, to doggy 'accidents', to cooked Brussels sprouts without any perfume-y after scent.

Source: My late mother-in-law, who came of age during the depression.

By soup-lady from near Boston, MA

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Tip: Car Scent Canister for Bedroom

Car Scent Canister for Bedroom

I have a chair in my bedroom that is holding up a fan. I don't like the cats to go underneath it. I put this can under the chair and it has made the whole bedroom smell wonderful when the fan is on and when it is off. The cats don't go under there anymore since they don't like the smell of anything that is strong. It has lasted over a week and it is still going strong.


By Robyn [369]

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Tip: White Vinegar for Deodorizing

Best and cheapest deodorizer is white vinegar. It also kills germs. This is all we use in our house. It doesn't mask odors, it removes them.

    By katesnanna [12]

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    Tip: Dry Tea Leaves as Deodorizer

    I used to have a small bought gel-type deodorizer in my car that was "raspberry tea" scent. When it ran out, I washed out the container and kept it. A few weeks later my daughter commented that the car was stinky. I had been cleaning my cupboards and had found a couple of old cans of loose tea leaves. I had tried making the tea and drinking it but it wasn't very tasty any more. So I dumped the leaves (about 1/4 cup or 100 cc) into the deodorizer container and put it in the car. The next day, no smell! It has been there for three months and the car still doesn't smell.

    I have also used loose green tea leaves and old unused tea bags in our toilet rooms and laundry room. This technique works well in a small space, but not so well in a larger room.

    Many spray or gel deodorizers in Japan advertise "fight odor with green tea extract" I figure, why buy the product when I have the real thing? Black tea works too!

    By Cantate from Tokyo, Japan

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    Tip: Using Small Cat Food Tins for Deodorizing

    I have a few tips to make the house smell good. I use the 3 oz. cat food tins. Near the litter box, I fill one with white vinegar and set it on top of the cat litter bucket. On top of the medicine cabinet, I keep one with cotton balls soaked in Pinesol for a clean bathroom smell. In my bedroom, I have a tin with a pinecone in it and I pour vanilla on it and have decorated the tin for a great look. Experiment with your favorite scents!

    By Linda from Oceanside, CA

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    Tip: Second Life for Deodorizing Beads

    Second Life for Deodorizing BeadsSecond Life for Deodorizing BeadsSecond Life for Deodorizing BeadsSecond Life for Deodorizing Beads

    I love using those many colored jars of deodorizing gel "beads" to suck away odors from my coat closet, kitchen and bath to the back of my car. Usually I buy the $1 ones at our Dollar Tree but sometimes get the higher priced ones in Walmart or a drug store.

    Once I tried tossing a long gone, dried up, bead into a bucket of water to see what would happen to it or the water. To my surprise, the pea sized bead just got bigger until it was back to its original size!

    So then I tried "reviving" an old, dried up jar of beads (which still had a little aroma left) by "watering" it through the holes in the top lid. Soon the jar was almost full again, but with less perfumed beads this time. I think the revived beads still work to absorb odors even if they no longer give off nice aromas.

      By MITCH [15]

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      Question: Inexpensive Deodorizer Recipes

      I am looking for the best and most inexpensive way to deodorize my home. I like it to smell like cookies or apple pie or pumpkin pie, anything yummy. I have a soft heart and have taken in 5 homeless kitties. I don't know if my home smells, but I want to be sure that it smells good!

      By aupouvoir from Naples, FL

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      Most Recent Answer

      By jlc163 06/14/2009

      All I find that these tricks will do is mask, not deodorize. If the cats themselves have an odor, then the same spray you use on a ferret to inhibit smell will work on them.

      If it is their litter, invest in a self cleaning litter box and empty it daily. (Saves on having to replace litter as often.) If the cats are trainable to a toilet or outside instead of the litter box, do so. Besides, cats will defecate all over the house if their litter box stinks.

      If the Toms are spraying, get them fixed or put them outside.

      Buy an odor killer (germ killer). If all those are too chemical, buy a squirt bottle, put a Tablespoon of Tea Tree Oil in it and fill the rest with alcohol. Spray your entire house at least once a week, then use the cheap smells you like.

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      Question: Using Hexol as a Room Deodorizer

      I used to visit someone that used Hexol as a room deodorizer (they smoked and it was right by the front door). What are the other purposes for Hexol and can you still purchase it?

      MrsJean from USA

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      Most Recent Answer

      By sandy [77] 09/12/2006

      i just googled hexol and came up with several sites that sell it.

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