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Gold Finish Wearing Off Purse Hardware

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How can I repair the gold finish on my purse's hardware?

By mrsgym


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By cybergrannie [30]07/06/2011

Hi, go to the web site (name of purse) and ask your question. They are usually very helpful.

By mrsgym07/05/2011

Thanks for your suggestions. I wish it didn't bother me, but it was a very expensive purse to begin with. I've been really fortunate I guess, as I've never had a purse do this before.

By Joan [13]07/05/2011

Why worry about it, it happens all the time? You can go to the craft department in most stores, and find a small bottle of gold tone paint that is quite shiney, and touch up the bad spots, but it will still rub off. Basically the gold or silver town finish is nothing but paint and rubs off from abrasion of rubbing against things, and even each other.

By Tammie [15]07/04/2011

Gold spray paint, or Rustoleum.

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