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Is there a home remedy for a puppy that has a tape worm?

By teetee from north Ft Myers, FL


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By vicki hood 4 564 04/25/2011

Diatomaceous Earth, MUST BE FOOD GRADE for intestinal worms. Do not use garden or pool grade diatomaceous earth as it has poisons in it. Feed and seed store usually carries it or order on the internet. Inexpensive. Effective. Not a poison. Sprinkle over food and intestinal worms are eliminated. Easy and dosage can be every day for awhile. Dosage not critical. Not a poison. An effective natural product. Small dogs/cats 1/4 teaspoon a day. Adjust as to size. Many benefits. Check internet. Use as a blessing. Puppies are born with roundworms. Tapeworms come from fleas. Eliminate fleas with dry 20 mule team borax in carpets. Read my previous posts on pet health. Puppy love is the beginning of a best friend.

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By Sherri 10 552 04/26/2011

Hello, I am sorry to tell you that there is not an over the counter medication to treat your pet for tapeworms. I have worked for a Veterinarian for over 27 years. Please take a fecal sample to your Vet and have them check the sample for any parasites. There may be more than tapeworms. Good luck.

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By Julia 147 1,074 04/25/2011

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is all we ever use. Just be sure you're buying the Food Grade one.

We sprinkled it into our carpets as well and left it for a couple of weeks, just to be sure to kill any other parasites and fleas that could be there.

We use it on little kittens, puppies, and when we had pet chickens, they were given DE in their food every day as well.

This is something that pet owners should never be without. Since it is not a poison, you may use it freely indoors and outdoors on bedding, all food dishes and nesting areas.

Good Luck to you.


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Question: Home Made Remedy for Tape Worms

I have tape worms in my dogs. There is a mixture of things to make tape worm medicine. I have lost the recipe. I know you use fish medicine in it. Can anyone help me?

By Shelbie from Forest, LA

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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 08/20/2012

Tradewinds for Dogs is the best medicine for tapeworms It is over the counter. Also, there is safeguard for dogs and puppies, but it only treats the type of tapeworms that come from eating rodents and animals, and not the more commo type that comes from the pet ingesting fleas.

Tradewind is the best and you can find it at drsfosersmith.com...or at feed supply store. Sometimes you can find it at stores but not usually.

http://pet-supplies.drsfostersmith. ... nt=0&subtotal=0.00&division=

For roundworms and such I use Nemex and have been very happy with it as well. The Nemex will get them all but not the tapes.

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Archive: Remedy For Tape Worms

I am out of work and can't afford tape worm meds for my four month old puppy. Is there a home remedy for eliminating this parasite?

Mr. Edwin

RE: Remedy For Tape Worms

Here is a site with some herbal treatments for worms. I didn't have time to read the whole page or follow all the links but there might be some information there for you. http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/parasites.htm Why do you think your puppy has tape worms? It might not be too expensive to take a stool sample to a vet or the humane society and if they find them, just get the medication you need without an office call. It's worth calling around. Take care, Susan from ThriftyFun (06/01/2005)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Remedy For Tape Worms

Do you have a friend or relative who could lend you the money for a vet's visit? You can find some worm medicine, relatively cheap, at a Farm supply store, or even Wal-Mart. I don't know how well they work though, but have heard that they are helpful. I do know that the best tick preventive is Frontline, which I did get from our vet, but found out I can get it much cheaper at Rural King stores. You can even get medicine for pets' injections there, but I don't want to try that, I will leave that to my vet. I don't know about home remedies, but you can check out this site---vetinfo.com, and see if you can find some help there. Good luck! (06/01/2005)

By Kentucky-lass

RE: Remedy For Tape Worms

Ivermectin is available without a prescription, it may be bought by mail anyway. Humane society is a bet too, they would know. (06/02/2005)

By Barbaral

RE: Remedy For Tape Worms

This sounds like something better left to the professionals. You might find a vet that would set fees for you on a sliding scale according to what you can pay, or let you pay over time. The humane society might also have some ideas about how you can get free or low-cost pet care. (06/02/2005)

By Claudia

RE: Remedy For Tape Worms

Tapeworms are very hard to eliminate, they are the result of fleas. The dog scratches with the mouth, ingesting the flea eggs, and the result is tapeworms. If you eliminate the fleas, the problem will be easier to control. The medicine for tapeworms is very strong. If possible at all, see your vet, or at least make a call to him. The over the counter drugs are not nearly as effective as the prescribed medicine. I have gone both ways and the vet medicine is much better. You will have a re infestation if the flea problem is not reduced. (06/02/2005)

By Kawasue

RE: Remedy For Tape Worms

A visit to the vet with your pup's stool sample is by far the safest and most effective way to deal with his problem. Tape worm treatment from the vet is simple and effective. However, our pets get tapeworms from ingesting fleas. Therefore, his fleas must be treated also. The vet is the best source of accurate information and effective treatment. Your pup's bed and living area must be kept free of fleas. He can still pick them up from grass and weeds. Discuss your budget concern with your vet ahead of time. I'm sure you won't be the first pet owner with that concern. And remember your vet's first priority is his/her animal patients! (10/28/2005)

By wonfivegolf

RE: Remedy For Tape Worms

If you can't afford to buy wormer this will help. I boil walnut hulls and add to my dogs drinking water. I also put pumpkin seeds in their food, and they are fit as fiddles. Most people will gladly let you pick walnuts up out of their yard before the squirrels plant them everywhere. (03/05/2007)

By creetabell

Archive: Remedy For Tape Worms

What is the most natural way to rid a dog of tape worms?

D.L. from Bonney Lake, WA

RE: Remedy For Tape Worms

Dogs & cats get tape worms from fleas. A cat could get the fleas off of a mouse or off the lawn or from another animal. If you prevent fleas, then you prevent tapeworms. At least that's what my vet said. But, that's only PREVENTION. To actually rid your pet of the tapeworm you have to get the worm to stop attaching to the stomach or intestine lining. Once it lets go of the lining the stomach acid will digest & kill it. The little "rice-like" grains that you see under your pets tail are actually the worm reproducing.

If it were me, I'd use whatever chemical or drug that your vet sells that you need to rid your pet of these nasty critters. But as far as a "natural" solution, any kind of hot peppers or cayenne can help remove parasites, but I doubt very much that your dog will eat them. Your best bet is to first remove the tape worm by using what your vet recommends, then use natural ways to keep fleas away so they won't come back.

If you can't afford a vet visit, then buy the worming treatment online. But, I bet you can just go in to any vet & ask them for the worming meds without them actually seeing your animal.

PS. I also live in Western WA & since you live in Bonney Lake, WA, you can go to the Federal Way "Vets for Less" animal clinic. They worm & give shots for half the price of other vets. Check out their web site. It's worth the drive to Federal Way. (It's located where I-5 meets Highway 18) ...I drive 20 miles to go to them & like I said, it's worth the drive if your car gets good gas mileage because you'll save money in the long run.

PRICES: http://www.vetsforless.com/pricing.html (10/15/2008)

By Cyinda

RE: Remedy For Tape Worms

The walnut hulls and pumpkin seeds are an excellent home remedy. However, you need to be VERY careful about giving Ivermectin to dogs without a vet overseeing it, certain dog breeds like collies have a gene that makes Ivermectin deadly to them. You can give ivermectin to cats under a vets direction but I would be extremely cautious about doing so. Ivermectin does not kill all types of parasites that animals can get, you have to read the label of the particular brand you get. (10/15/2008)

By Anna

Archive: Remedy For Tape Worms

I was just wondering if any one knows how to get rid of tape worms, without having to take my cats to the vet.


Archive: Remedy For Tape Worms

Does anyone know of home remedies for tapeworms?


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