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Banana Peels and Tea Bags for Roses

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Give your rose bushes your used tea bags and banana peels. They will love you for it. Also hydrangeas will love your water from when you boil potatoes. You can also use the potato peels at the bottom of your plants.

By tennis4two from Madison, IN


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By Linda L. [33]02/02/2015

I am concerned that my dogs will want to dig these up. Has anyone had such problems?

By Linda [1]10/21/2013

In spring your roses will love the blood from your hamburger or roast beef packages. Mix with water and pour on roots. This really makes them bloom. There are different kinds of rose bushes. When buying one be sure to check bloom times. Some only bloom for about 5 weeks in the spring. Others bloom mid summer, some all summer etc... So look at the bloom schedule before buying your new rose plant. Happy Gardening!

By fe07/22/2011

Also any leftover brewed coffee or coffee grounds, sprinkle it around your plants (indoor or outdoor plants). I always dilute my leftover coffee and use it to water my plants.. oh boy, your plants will be doing the happy dance.

By laidback arcing [5]07/21/2011

It works. I've done the banana peels for years. Roses are in pots and have never had black spot.

By DennisAndEstelle [1]05/09/2011

Thanks for the tip.

By Robyn Fed [388]03/31/2011

Thank you so much!
I am going to do this!

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Archive: Banana Peels for Roses

This is an old trick but maybe someone hasn't heard about it yet. I save my banana peel after eating the banana and gently dig out an opening around my roses and place the banana peel, spread out with the inside of the peel facing the ground and cover. It adds potassium to the soil. My roses love it! Thank you.

By Mary

Freeze Banana Peels for Roses

I save my banana peels, ( or yuckie bananas ) and freeze them, when I plant a new rose bush, I plant the banana peels with it. Roses love banana peels.

By rosa (07/13/2004)

Feed Your Plants Banana Peels

When you eat bananas, don't throw away the peels. Cut them in pieces strips, or the whole peel. Poke a hole in soil at edge of plant. Put in a piece or two and firm down the soil. Sit back and in a while, you will notice how much different your plants look.

By Gladys (10/28/2004)

Grind Up Bananas For Your Roses

Take banana peels and put them around your rose bushes. The aphids will be gone. I take my banana peels, add water, and grind them up in the blender then pour the mixture around the roses. It works like magic.

By anniebug (11/11/2004)

Banana Peels for Roses

HeritageRose.jpg If you are a gardener, and grow roses, don't throw your banana skins in the compost pile or garbage can.

Instead, bury them just below the surface of the ground at the base of your roses.

Roses utilize potassium very well and banana skins have a lot of potassium in them.

Your roses will love you for it.

Happy gardening!

By Sandra (05/06/2005)

Planting Roses Tip

When planting roses, drop a banana peel in the hole first. Save all banana peels and freeze them. Several times a year, chop up a few frozen peels, put in a blender with some water, and then feed all your roses with the concoction. They love it.

By Norma (05/09/2005)

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

Just wanted to let you know I think your roses are beautiful. (05/24/2005)

By Twila

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

Thank you for this wonderful tip, I had never heard of this. From now on, I will treat my roses with banana peels. The picture of your roses is beautiful. (06/11/2005)

By Barbara

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

Thank you! My mom's friend told her to do that yesterday so I looked it up to see if it was true (08/04/2005)

By Mia

For Anyone Who Loves Roses

Don't ever throw your banana peels away, save them to put them in your garden.

We do! My wife loves her rose bushes. Take the peels and bury them skin side up around your Rose bush, not too deep but deep enough so the small animals don't dig them up. You may have to do this more than once, but the more the better. You will see a big difference in your bushes.

I know the season may be over for some but keep it in mind for next year.

By Charlie (08/22/2005)

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

I had heard this before but never tried it. This year we have been getting an abundant supply of bananas that are often to ripe to use (they're free) and I just place them around the roses. It is unbelievable how much they have improved this summer.

The bushes had only a leaf here and there and only one or two stems. Now they are are putting on new growth and and leaves. The few blooms I have had so far this year have been beautiful. I did buy a bale of hay to cover the bananas rather than dig them in. (08/22/2005)

By JAN in NC

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

Wow, how beautiful. I wonder if it would help ordinary house plants. What do you think? (08/24/2005)

By nmcl

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

My family has actually been using this trick for generations and my grandmother's roses are the most beautiful roses I have ever seen (09/25/2005)

By anonymouse

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

The smell also deters aphids (09/28/2008)

By Jesuslover

Archive: Banana Peels for Roses

For beautiful roses, I emulsify old bananas and peels in my blender with water. I pour this on the base of the rose bush. You will not believe how well this works.

By Laurie from St. Charles, MO

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

What a wonderful use for otherwise useless banana peels! I sure am going to try that on my roses which, by the way, have been absolutely gorgeous this year. Have a lovely day and God bless you. (05/09/2009)

By tedsmom

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

I have done this for years and you are right, it works best if you blend them with some water, then you don't have to bother digging a hole. Might be better to move the mulch back a little and then recover the banana peels. (05/20/2010)

By Laniegirl

RE: Banana Peels for Roses

I dry my banana peels and crumble them up and scatter them; sometimes I just throw the peels on the ground in back of the roses. Our local Garden Guy gardens organically and I use a lot of his formulas, such as Epsom Salts in water for the magnesium. I just sprinkle a little ES around and water it in, great for blooming plants. (05/20/2010)

By desertgal