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Teeth Whitening Kits from the Dollar Store

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I am so excited to share this Thrifty tip with everyone! Do you use those expensive teeth whitening kits? Here's a very inexpensive tip to maintain your very white "pearly whites". The Dollar Tree carries teeth whitening kits, and they work! The directions state that you use the product for five minutes. I did that at first. Now, I leave the product on my teeth for thirty minutes, (with no adverse effects as I can see or feel) daily or every other day, and my tooth whiteness is maintained!

The kit even comes with a very effective tray which holds the product to your teeth - no slipping around in your mouth, etc. In fact, I like the tray so much, I've used it with the expensive whiteners as well.

By Carla from Greensboro, NC


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By gavinross05/17/2013

Pearl whites Express kit found in Haverhill also available at Manchester, Middleton

By colinstead02/04/2013

Made in USA counts for a lot here in the UK too!!

By Luann D. [5]01/16/2013

I have a local Dollar Tree, and am definitely going to check this product out. The higher end brands of whiteners in drug stores starts at $30+ in my area. And, made in USA makes it sound even better!

By GemJedi03/03/2012

This product is made in NY (state) USA! Has a 877 number and a website on the product! It works very well! It is good advice to read labels! ;-) but um...actually read them!

By Kim Churchman [3]04/22/2009

It's good to remember that every time you see an image of a white-teeth smile in print or on TV, it's computer whitened beyond the nice smile achievable with whiteners, so don't pine for whiter by comparing to those advertising messages.

By Patricia Nicholas [13]04/22/2009

Do be careful using teeth whitening products too much. Most of them whiten by bleaching the top enamel of the tooth, which actually will break it down over time. Once you start to loose the enamel, your teeth become VERY sensitive. Microscopic holes are formed in the tooth enamel which lead directly to the nerves. Take it from my personal experience, you don't want to "over" whiten your teeth.

By Deanj04/21/2009

I don't believe I would trust my teeth to a product sold in a dollar store. A lot of that stuff sold there comes from China and and I think everyone has read of the horror stories from meds to dog food problems from Chinese products. Read all of the label and be careful.

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