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Vinegar to Remove Shampoo Build Up

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I have a question about using vinegar for a hair rinse. Do you use it full strength, or dilute it? Do you rinse it out after, or leave it in? If you leave it in wouldn't it leave a smell? I have very fine, thin hair.



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By Tara W.05/31/2014

I washed my hair then used baking soda after that a mix of water and lemon juice. It worked and smelled way better than when I used white vinegar.

By Tania (Guest Post)04/30/2008

My hair is very fine and thin. After I shampoo I rinse and than apply about two Tablelspoons of 'apple cider vinegar' with a cup of warm water. It creates a beautiful shine and takes all the soap residue out. Works well if you have dandruff too! Do not rinse out the vinegar. Leave in.

By Margaret (Guest Post)03/30/2008

My mother always used to get me to make some bicarb soda made up to a couple of glasses of water and to use it on dry hair before washing - leave it on for a couple of minutes and then to wash it as normal. Works well!

By londa (Guest Post)03/28/2008

I have for may years used white vinegar mixed with water (half and half) to get rid of dandruff. I found this in a medical textbook. I use white because it is the least expensive.

To avoid the salad smell, I shampoo, rinse with vinegar, then apply conditioner.


By Beth (Guest Post)03/26/2008

Please use caution when using vinegar and lemon juice if you color your hair. The properties in vinegar and lemon juice are great for removing buildup but can also strip hair color causing haircolor to fade. Especially Reds

By Cyinda [214]03/26/2008

You dilute it. About 10 or 20 parts water to 1 part Vinegar... First, wash your hair, then condition it & rinse the conditioner out, then pour on the water with the Vinegar & massage it into the scalp. Now rinse out all the vinegar, thoroughly!

* The problem with using Vinegar is that every time you get hot or start to sweat, or even if someone gets super close to you, you smell like Vinegar!
---> INSTEAD use bottled lemon juice. It works the exact same way as vinegar, but without that nasty vinegar smell. I buy my bottled lemon juice at the dollar store.

*Do NOT use lemon juice or vinegar rinses very often, at most twice a week. They can be damaging to your hair if you use it often (unless you have really sturdy hair, mine is frizzy & gets damaged easily) They give your hair a really nice shine by closing the cuticle which smoothes out the hair shaft & changes the pH of the hair. The vinegar or lemon juice rinse also helps get rid of dandruff by rinsing out every bit of shampoo & cleaning the scalp.

---> Don't use these on dyed hair as the vinegar & lemon can leach the dye from your hair or turn the hair dye a redish tint. Lemon can also lighten the hair if it's used often (or in the sun) but will also damage hair. Once a week is enough.

*** Baking Soda OPENS the hair's cuticle (which helps remove hair product build-up)
Vinegar or Lemon juice CLOSES the hair's cuticle (which helps the hair be super shiny)
--->ALWAYS use a vinegar or lemon w/water RINSE to close down the hair's cuticle after you've washed it (& opened the cuticle) with shampoo & baking soda! Also, using the baking soda is even worse for your hair than the vinegar or lemon juice, so unless you have a whole lot of hairspray builld-up, I'd only use baking soda on my hair once a month, at the most twice a month!

By Karla03/26/2008

Dilute the vinegar so that it goes a little farther. Lemon juice also works equally well. Rinse either one well. They both help your hair rinse totally clean, especially if you have over-softened water or especially hard water.

To remove beauty product build up though, you may want to try the baking soda mixed with shampoo. It works very well.

By (Guest Post)03/26/2008

Thank you for the tips. I will give it a try. I certainly appreciate the help!!


Victoria B.C.

By Joyce [2]03/26/2008

I read you use 1/2 water to 1/2 vinegar. Be sure to rinse
well. Says your hair will have a good shine to it. J. B.


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Archive: Vinegar to Remove Shampoo Build Up

Use vinegar and water to wash out residue from conditioner or shampoo build up. Rinse then wash with favorite shampoo makes hair feel great and gives your hair a boost of volume.

By stardaze from Buffalo NY

RE: Vinegar to Remove Shampoo Build Up

I once asked a young woman what made her hair so shiny. She told me she makes a paste of water with baking soda and rubs it into her hair to get rid of the buildup from hair products. (02/23/2006)

By Carol

RE: Vinegar to Remove Shampoo Build Up

Also, put some baking soda in the palm of your hand and then pour some shampoo over it, mix it with your finger and shampoo. My sister-in-law is a beautician and she uses this in her shop all the time. I use it at home, too. It's great if you use a lot of hairspray - - - gets the build-up out (02/23/2006)

By lovethosehounds

RE: Vinegar to Remove Shampoo Build Up

I usually put baking soda in my shampoo bottle with some water to save money on the shampoo. It works great! (02/24/2006)

By smathis123

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