Craft Ideas to Sell at Markets


I would love some craft ideas to sell at markets.

By Jillian from Sydney, Australia


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By Coreen Hart 78 376 05/26/2010

I was at a craft fair last weekend. A friend of mine set up also. She sells gift baskets. They are baskets of many sizes. Each one contains a usable item such as coasters, a cute plate, or a figurine. They also have chocolate. All the items are color or theme coordinated. She does a lovely job, and even though this was not a big show, I think she must have done about $200. Hope this helps.

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By Julia 147 1,074 05/26/2010

Hi Jillian,

There are 500 (at least) great craft ideas in the Thrifty Fun site complete with pictures and instructions on most.


Happy Hunting...and Good Luck with your Sale.

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By Suntydt 75 877 05/26/2010

You need to think about what will sell in your area and how complicated a craft you want to get involved with.

For example, my daughter use to custom make origami for people. She used to set up a small table at craft shows displaying a few items of her craft and would take orders for things people wanted her to make. She had a couple books at hand to show people the kind of thing she would make for them as well.

Now, on the other hand, my grandmother used to make quilts. She made a number of colorful quilts in different sizes and then would display them at a show in the fall, just as it was getting cold. She had them well priced and would sell almost all of them. She would also take orders for different color quilts or special size quilts and make these over the next couple months for people. Some times the sale would fall through and she would just add these quilts to her next fall showing. But she made quilts all winter, spring, and summer and didn't start selling them till the fall.

Now she got a much larger amount of money for her quilts than my daughter did for her origami, but my daughter was young and just making extra money. She made A LOT of extra money with A LOT of paper figures. But in all I would say my grandma made more. But then it cost her more to make quilts.

Anyway, you get the idea. You have to decide what you are good at making and decide the best time to sell it.

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By jamie 17 08/03/2010

My mom makes hairbows.

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