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Cleaning Candle Wax from Candle Sticks

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Candlesticks with melting candles on them.

Candles tend to drip and run down candle sticks as they burn. Removing this wax build up will keep your candle sticks looking nice. This is a guide about cleaning candle wax from candle sticks.


Solutions: Cleaning Candle Wax from Candle Sticks

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Tip: Heat Candlesticks to Remove Wax

To remove wax from a metal or glass candlestick my way:

  • Turn oven to 170 degrees C (about 325 degrees F)

  • Place item on tray lined with baking paper.

  • Leave for 5 minutes or until it looks like wax has melted.

  • Remove HOT item with a cloth. Be careful not to burn yourself!

  • Rub down with dry rag or paper towel and let cool.

This is much less messy than the hot water method and quicker.

    By Coco333 [1]

    Tip: Use Oil Spray to Keep Candle Holders Clean

    The easiest way to avoid a problem with cleaning any of your candlesticks or candle holders of any type is simply spray a small bit of "Pam" onto the bottom of your candle holders whether they are sticks or votive holders, tea lights, etc.

    When time to clean, use a butter knife and run it around the edge of the wax and it will all just pop out!

    By Joyce from Gulfport, FL

    Tip: Use Hot Water To Clean Candle Sticks

    Put the candle sticks in hot water. When wax softens, peel it off. Do this again if the melting is not complete. Have an old cloth ready to rub the stick while it is still a bit warm. This will take off the final residue.

    Do not use paper towels. That is a wasted use of a scarce natural resource. Save the planet.

    By Joan from France

    Tip: Non-Stick Candle Holders

    Try spritzing the inside of your candle holders/votive cups, etc. with a little non-stick spray before you put in a new candle and light it. The clean up from the wax is a snap!

    By Robin

    Tip: Removing Wax with Dawn

    When washing dishes with Dawn, I put the washables with wax on them in the dish water. VOILA! The wax just slid off. I tried placing a warm sponge with the dish water on the wax on the counter top and again, the wax just slid off. So I tried it with a washable tea towel. It worked again.

    I was impressed a tip to use Dawn for cleaning tubs and showers. It really works.

    This I came upon quite by accident. I was trying to put a small candle into a larger, almost melted candle. It gave just enough to splash warm wax everywhere.

    By Faye from Garland, TX

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    Here are questions related to Cleaning Candle Wax from Candle Sticks.

    Question: Removing Wax Residue from Candlesticks

    White acrylic candlesticks.I have acrylic candlesticks that have a thin layer of wax leftover from attempts to clean them in hot water. This process left a thin coating of wax. How can I get it off?

    By Pat B


    Most Recent Answer

    By tpp [2]11/12/2013

    Try heating it with a blow dryer and then wiping with a dry rag.

    Question: Removing Candle Wax from Menorah

    How can I get candle wax off of a metal menorah?

    By Shirley


    Most Recent Answer

    By visnudutta11/23/2013

    Put the Menorah and/or Shabat Candelabras in a plastic bag, and then in the freezer, for one hour and then quickly tap the objects in the bag with a wooden spoon or stick. The stubborn bits can be scraped off with the pointed ends of your wooden implement.
    While the are cold wipe them down with a warm wet cloth!

    Question: Removing Wax From Candle Stick Holders

    How do I remove old candle wax from a plate and candle sticks?

    By Sheila from MI

    Most Recent Answer

    By Kelly12/25/2009

    Put the items in the freezer for at least an hour or more. When you remove them. The wax will just pop off. Very easy & non messy.

    Question: Removing Wax from Lead Crystal Candle Holder

    How do I remove a lot of wax from a leaded crystal candle holder? The holder is about ten inches high, about 7 inches across, and it is filled with wax (about 3 inches deep). Lesson learned, don't allow others to "please light the candles". Please help!

    By Tahloolabelle

    Most Recent Answer

    By Litter Gitter [122]11/23/2011

    I have had success removing candle wax by placing the container in the freezer. After the container gets really cold, you can scrape the wax off easily.


    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

    Archive: Removing Candle Wax From Metal Candle Holders

    I need advice about removing candle wax from metal candle holders.

    Helen from Ortonville, MI

    RE: Removing Candle Wax From Metal Candle Holders

    Put the holders in your freezer for about an hour, it should be easy to get the wax off. (11/08/2006)

    By gardencraft

    RE: Removing Candle Wax From Metal Candle Holders

    Put the candle holders in the sink w/ hot water. In about a minute, all of the wax will either fall or pop off, or be able to be wiped right off. That also works if you have a candle that has melted into a container, but the wick is gone and you need to get the wax out. (11/08/2006)

    By CarlaJS

    RE: Removing Candle Wax From Metal Candle Holders

    I'd dip the candleholder into a clean empty large coffee canful of HOT water and leave it for about 30 min. removing the candle wax when warm and soft with a paper towel and ice cream stick or plastic disposable knife, if I had one of them. This is standard proceedure for candle wax. Using the can prevents having to clean wax residue out of any other container. Toss the can afterwards. Good luck and God bless you.(11/09/2006)

    By Lynda

    Archive: Removing Wax From Candle Stick Holders

    How do you remove wax from candle stick holders?

    Janine from SA

    RE: Removing Wax From Candle Stick Holders

    The hot water trick worked great, I did not have a lot of wax, just stubborn about coming off. So I put it in the sink under running hot water and within less than a minute had a sparkling clean holder. It had some irregular shapes so the freezer did not work as well. Thanks for the help. (12/10/2007)

    By Bob C

    RE: Removing Wax From Candle Stick Holders

    I like the suggestion of the freezer. I have poured hot water over glass jars to get candle wax out and it leaves a smear of candle wax that is nearly impossible to get completely clear. I will try the freezer, thank you. (11/26/2008)

    By Catherine